Carrot harvesting dates in 2019
    When should carrots be harvested in 2019? How to organize the work correctly and how important is the harvest day? Tips and tricks.
    Is it good to give animals carrots?
    In what form and doses can carrots be given to animals? Is the vegetable crop harmful to chickens and puppies? How to add carrots to parrot food?
    How and how to glue carrot seeds on paper
    How to glue carrot seeds on paper and how to prepare a mixture for such glue? How is the planting of paper strips with seeds in open ground carried out?
    The benefits and harms of carrot juice
    What are the benefits of carrot juice for the human body, who should not drink fresh juice, how to properly prepare and consume the juice?
    How to thin out carrots
    When and how should carrots be thinned? Features of carrot thinning. Is it possible to grow a vegetable without weeding? Why is incorrect thinning dangerous?
    Are carrots good for vision?
    Is it true that eating carrots is good for the eyes and their tops have medicinal properties? In what doses should carrots be consumed and how often?

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