Description of Tomato Pink Stella
    How yielded is the Rose Stella tomato? What features of the variety are noted by experts? How to prepare a culture for planting?
    Causes of yellowing of tomato leaves
    If the color of the greens changes when you grow vegetables, this is a sign of a problem. Find out why tomato leaves turn yellow and how to help them.
    How to deal with freezing of tomato seedlings
    What to do if tomato seedlings are frozen over? Causes of freezing of seedlings. How to save plants and preserve tomato sprouts?
    Description of the variety of tomatoes Hali-Gali
    The peculiarity of the Hali Gali tomato variety is in the unique taste of the fruit and in their resistance to external influences during transportation and conservation.
    Characteristics of the tomato variety Country favorite
    Tomato variety The dacha favorite was bred specifically for farms. Its advantage is simplicity, generosity and versatility.
    Description of tomatoes Pearl
    What are the characteristics that distinguish the Pearl tomato from other varieties? What does a gardener need to know about this type of tomato and how to properly care for it?

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