Description of Red Pear tomato
    What is unique about the Red Pear tomato? What features of the variety must be considered when planting and in the process of caring for and growing a crop?
    Description of tomato Wonder of the World
    How productive is the Wonder of the World tomato? What features are characteristic of this variety and how picky is it in care and cultivation?
    Reasons for the appearance of purple leaves on tomatoes
    What is the reason why purple leaves appear on tomatoes? How serious is this and is it necessary to somehow combat this phenomenon?
    What are tomato seeds soaked in?
    What are tomato seeds soaked in? How to carry out this procedure correctly? What do you need to know about this method of processing planting material?
    Rules for sowing tomatoes with seeds in open ground
    Planting tomatoes with seeds in open ground. Advantages and disadvantages of the method. What you need to know about planting techniques and plant care?
    Characteristics of the variety of tomatoes Octopus cream
    Tomato Octopus cream belongs to the category of indeterminate. It attracts the attention of gardeners with the qualities of the fruits, their unusual color and shape.

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