Characteristics of the tomato variety Petrusha Ogorodnik
    Tomato variety Petrusha Ogorodnik attracts gardeners with early maturity of fruits and extraordinary taste of pormidorok. The peculiarity of the bushes is unpretentious care.
    Characteristics of tomato Japanese truffle
    Tomato The Japanese truffle is a unique tomato variety that is very popular today. How to plant tomatoes and what you need to know about caring for them?
    How to grow tomatoes hydroponically
    Features of growing tomatoes in hydroponics, options for installations used in this method, caring for plants in the process of growing.
    Characteristics of the Beef tomato variety
    Beef tomatoes belong to the category of especially valuable types of tomatoes. A feature of this type of nightshade is simplicity and ease of care as well as the generosity of the harvest.
    The effectiveness of feeding seedlings with iodine
    How is the seedlings fed with iodine? How effective is such a procedure and what should someone who feeds tomatoes for the first time need to know about it?
    Tomato variety truffle red
    Description of tomato red truffle, the pros and cons of the variety, how to plant tomatoes and take care of them, useful tips for gardeners.

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