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It has long been believed that dreams are a door to the other world, where you can learn something mysterious and even look into your future. Quite often, a person sees food in his dreams, especially if he went to bed on an empty stomach. Today we will talk about why a person dreams of tomatoes, what to expect after such a dream, whether it is a good or bad sign.

Interpretation of dreams about tomatoes

Interpretation of dreams about tomatoes

Why do fresh tomatoes dream?

If, after waking up, you remembered that you saw fresh tomatoes in a dream, this is most often a good sign, foreshadowing the receipt of money. In the case when the vegetable was far from you, this suggests that soon creative inspiration will come to you, which simply needs to be directed in the right direction. If you happen to see a fresh tomato lying on the ground, but at the same time it remains intact, soon you will have the opportunity to restore the recently lost relationship.

  • Tomatoes in a dream lay sliced ​​on a plate - expect unexpected guests soon
  • Among the vegetables was a pink tomato - fate will open up new opportunities for you
  • A large number of small cherry tomatoes on the table - a lot of negativity will fall in your direction, be prepared for this
  • If you cut fresh tomatoes for salad - a pleasant surprise awaits you
  • If you walked on fresh tomatoes with your feet, you will be able to overcome all the obstacles that may await on the path of life.
  • Someone stole tomatoes from the garden - you will be successful and rich
  • Steal yourself - we are waiting for you loneliness, which, however, will not be long.

Why do yellow tomatoes dream

If you managed to see a yellow tomato in a dream, this promises hopes that will never come true, it is also a sign of duplicity and hypocrisy that you will have to face. This sign can be interpreted as a change in your personal life, and, unfortunately, it will be negative for you. It may happen that a person close to you betrays you or does not fulfill his promise.

However, this does not mean that you should despair or blame yourself for what happened. It may not have been your person.

Yellow tomatoes in the garden

When you saw yellow tomatoes in a dream in a garden bed, this speaks of your present, namely, characterizes your personality. You can safely consider yourself an extraordinary person. And others notice it. This feature should be used in the professional field. This will help you succeed in your work. Such a dream is a reminder that you have talents that you are not using.

Why do green tomatoes dream

Green is associated with a permitting traffic light.The dream about green tomatoes is interpreted as a symbol of caution. Why do green tomatoes dream? After such a dream, it is worth reconsidering your responsibilities and affairs, perhaps you are taking on too much, and the time has passed to dump unnecessary burden.

Such a dream can tell you that soon you will receive a monetary addition: money will come quickly, and just as quickly it will leave. Often, modern dream books offer a different interpretation, when such a dream promises successful contracts, business acquaintances, but you should be prepared for the fact that this will not be easy.

The overwhelming number of dream books says that green tomatoes in a dream is a sign that a lot will depend on your opinion. No need to worry about this, trust your intuition and inner voice, believe me, it will not let you down. If your surroundings have doubts, try to explain your decision.

What did you do with tomatoes

A tomato on a branch promises a romantic relationship

A tomato on a branch promises a romantic relationship

It's good if you managed to remember what action you performed with green tomatoes.

  • Tomatoes just grow on a bush, you have not done anything with them - soon you will have a new romantic relationship.
  • If you watered a bush with tomatoes with your own hands, planted seedlings or seeds, you have a rival who claims the attention and love of your man.
  • You picked tomatoes - expect monetary losses.
  • Green tomatoes lay on a cutting board, and you cut them - things will go down at work.
  • You ate green vegetables - there is a risk that you will lose an item that is dear to you.
  • I dreamed of the process of pickling or salting - it is worth reconsidering your behavior and attitude towards other people, you are too harsh.
  • Green tomatoes grew in a greenhouse - a short black streak will come in your personal life, which you just need to wait out.

Large green tomatoes

Quite often, an image of large green tomatoes appears in a person's dreams, what does this mean, what does such a dream promise a woman? If you believe Miller's dream book, then huge green tomatoes are a sign that you will fall in love, and, with a high probability, this person will become your destiny. However, it may be that the object of love will not be free, perhaps it is worth fighting for such a man, so this is not the time to retreat.

It is worth saying that such dreams are most often visited by young unmarried girls who often think about how to arrange their fate.

Why do red tomatoes dream

What does a dream in which red tomatoes were present mean? In most cases, red tomatoes in the dream book are interpreted as a positive sign, associated with bright and colorful events, during which you only get pleasure. Moreover, the interpretation applies to both men and women.

In addition, you can characterize the person who saw this dream. Such people are full of energy, inexhaustible optimism, they are able to charge everyone around with their mood. Such individuals are not used to giving up, giving up before obstacles, their willpower and determination can only be envied. Such an impressive list of positive qualities cannot be ignored by the people around them, they are drawn to it, they try to inherit it.

Red tomatoes on the table

If you dreamed of a red or brown tomato that was lying on the table surrounded by other vegetables and products, the interpretation of the dream book changes somewhat. You should take a closer look at your health, perhaps this is a planned visit to the doctor, not a cured cold, in any case, it requires attention.

In all other respects, such a dream continues to be a positive sign, which once again suggests that everything in your life is good, luck is on your side.

Important! If you were born in winter or early spring, had a dream in which red vegetables appeared, this suggests that you should learn restraint. You probably yourself noticed that you are overly impulsive and aggressive, now it can play a cruel joke.

Why do salty tomatoes dream

Salted tomatoes dream for joy

Salted tomatoes dream for joy

Most dream books interpret a dream with salted tomatoes as a positive sign that portends only joyful events. If you happen to see a barrel of pickled tomatoes in the basement, it means that good news awaits you at work - a salary increase or a promotion. When the same barrel was already located in a house or apartment, wait for a vacation that will be full of a series of interesting events.

If you have salted tomatoes on your own, this indicates that you are not satisfied with the work that you currently have and are subconsciously ready to change. When you managed to see at least one cucumber in the mass of pickled tomatoes, you can safely quit, a good and interesting job will not keep you waiting long.

Other interpretations

  • In my dream I had a chance to eat salted tomatoes - soon you will be confused, you will have to choose one of two evils.
  • Poured tomatoes in a bucket with brine - you will face difficulties that you will easily overcome.
  • Tomatoes were on the festive table - soon love will visit Vasya, new romantic relationships will be struck
  • Salted tomatoes were cut - it is worth having patience and endurance
  • We treated guests to a salty dish - you should accept the offer, which you will receive soon
  • It also happens that in a dream, salted tomatoes grow in the garden, because this is a dream, this is perhaps the only negative current. Such a dream suggests that soon you will be nervous.
  • to sell salted tomatoes - to the deceased.

Why do canned tomatoes dream

Tomatoes in a glass jar promise an acquaintance that will not pass without leaving a trace, becoming the beginning of a new romance or business relationship. Remember if the bank was open, if the answer is yes - this acquaintance is not far off. If the bank was firmly closed, you will have to wait, maybe more than one month.

We saw how canned tomatoes fell off the table, which means that your desires are not real, they are not destined to come true. When you removed the vegetables from the table, on the contrary, you will be able to carry out everything that you have planned.

Other interpretations

  • Ate canned tomatoes - an unexpected meeting with old friends will happen soon
  • Canned vegetables were bright red - reconsider prioritization
  • There were little cherries in the bank - a good date awaits you
  • Treating relatives and friends with canned vegetables - your project at work will be successful
  • You bought canned goods in a store or in the market - fun awaits you.
  • The banks themselves were selling - expect good luck in finances.
  • Crushed a tomato on your own in your hand or foot - you will soon receive a financial offer, which it is better to refuse, because it will not bring profit.
  • The preservation of yellow tomatoes is a dream as a sign that the decision made will be correct.

Why do rotten tomatoes dream

In a dream, you can see not only fresh and ripe vegetables, but also rotten, rotten, having an unpleasant smell. Such a dream portends bad events that will occur on the path of life in the near future. If you happened to see in a dream crumpled rotten tomatoes that grew in the garden - a sign that your family life will crack. In the near future, there will most likely be frequent quarrels and conflicts in the family. Often the cause of such negative events is a person who has nothing to do with your family, but will become an insurmountable stumbling block.

To avoid long-term conflicts, you should not follow anyone's lead, defend your opinion, do not let anyone destroy the family idyll.

Red rotten tomato

A rotten tomato in a dream indicates failure in love.

A rotten tomato in a dream indicates failure in love.

The red color of a spoiled tomato, in accordance with the interpretation of Miller's dream book, indicates that you will not be lucky in love. You will feel like an unnecessary person, your heart will be filled with despair and longing. You should not delve into this state, depression and blues will not last forever. Remember that there will always be white after the black stripe.

If there were worms in the tomato, you should be more careful, as someone from your close circle may turn out to be a traitor. You shouldn't talk too much about your personal life, as you know, happiness loves silence.

Why do tomato beds dream

Why do tomatoes in the beds dream? Such a picture, according to the dream book, promises a series of victories on the personal front, thus, it is a good time to make new acquaintances, as well as for weddings. Such a plot promises pleasant chores.

The author of the interpretation of dreams, Miller. also suggests that tomato beds are a positive sign that promises a solution to problems and getting rid of troubles. If a sick person sees such a dream, his illness will soon resolve. A girl who has such a dream may soon be pregnant.

If you can remember what the tomatoes looked like in the garden, that's very good. Picking ripe tomatoes, according to the dream book, symbolizes good news or an event that will happen soon. Plucking green vegetables from the branches means that you are a completely healthy person.

The taste of tomatoes in a dream

It so happens that in his dream a person clearly remembers the taste of the product. If you managed to remember what the tomatoes tasted like, this will come in handy in interpreting the dream.

  • Bitter - expect trouble from a woman you know.
  • Sour - you will have to blush for some act, and not necessarily your own.
  • Sweet taste - a pleasant trip awaits you with your loved one, which will be remembered forever.
  • Too sweet vegetable - you run the risk of being unacceptable in society.

Other interpretations of sleep

Let's find out what other meanings dreams have in which tomatoes are present:

  • Vegetables are on a plate - your life in the near future will be calm and measured, all problems and adversities will bypass you
  • You grew tomatoes on your own - this is a sign that you should be more careful about your health, as well as your appearance
  • If the tomato was in the flowering stage - expect a pleasant surprise soon
  • There were many tomatoes of different colors in the garden - wait for an addition to the family, if a young girl saw a dream - this promises an early pregnancy
  • Taking care of the beds with tomatoes in the garden, harvesting - everything you do in real life will be fully appreciated by those around you
  • Tomatoes looked stale and rumpled - a black stripe is coming in family life
  • Such a dream for a man is a stable family life, where the man is assigned the role of the head of the family.
  • We saw a dead tomato bush - one of the relatives will get sick
  • Giving tomatoes is good news
  • Buying ripe tomatoes - you yourself are looking for an adventure that does not always end well
  • Buying rotten vegetables - on a subconscious level, you feel guilty
  • Giving tomatoes to the poor - luck will be on your side
  • Tomatoes were in boxes - it's time to put everything in its place
  • Washing tomatoes denotes a feeling of shame and a desire to be cleansed of what has been done.

Interpretations of various dream books

Juno's dream book claims that a tomato eaten in a dream suggests that in reality you are able to turn mountains with your own hands, if this is required to achieve your goal.A tomato bush seen in a dream promises a happy marriage for women and a stable marriage for men.

Dream Interpretation Ukrainian interprets dreams in which tomatoes are present as a harbinger of something shameful and shameful. That is, soon something will happen, for which you will have to blush. If the tomatoes looked juicy and appetizing, it is a sign that your health is not in the best condition.

According to Tsvetkova's interpretation, tomatoes are a symbol of the fact that a person has a secret connection with space. Grishina, a well-known Soviet psychologist, adheres to the same opinion.

Hasse claims that the tomato seen in a dream is a sign that the existing love union will not last long and will soon break about everyday problems.

According to Vanga, any mention of tomatoes in a dream suggests that such a person is doing well, nothing threatens him, life goes on as usual. In the morning you need to get out of bed and immediately read the prayer “Our Father, to give away all the negative.


Any dream seen has its own meaning. Dreams about tomatoes also have their own unique interpretation. The interpretation depends on the color and taste and on the action that happened to the vegetable. It is important to understand that the interpretation of sleep is only an assumption, so you need to rely only on your own strengths and build your own destiny on your own.

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