Characteristics of the Siberian Trump tomato variety

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Tomato Siberian Trump - beef tomatoes, which differ from other varieties in shape, size and color, as well as the possibility of growing in Siberian conditions. The tomato of this varietal variety has an amazing taste, which is significantly different from the taste of ordinary tomatoes, so the Siberian Trump tomato is especially popular with vegetable growers who grow tomatoes in their backyards.

Characteristics of the Siberian Trump tomato variety

Characteristics of the Siberian Trump tomato variety

Varietal characteristics

The Siberian trump card is a variety of low-growing tomatoes that gives a good harvest, subject to the rules of agricultural technology. It is also necessary to study the varietal characteristics of these tomatoes.

Description of the variety

Tomatoes Siberian Trump belongs to varieties that have large fruits and are suitable for growing both in the open field and under a film. This mid-season tomato is a hybrid, F1 seeds belong to the first generation.

Tomato hybrids are distinguished by great vitality, they develop rapidly and give a powerful harvest. Tomatoes of the Siberian Trump variety are very hardy and, unlike other low-growing tomatoes, are less susceptible to diseases and harmful insects.

Description of the bush

Bush characteristic:

  • sprawling shape;
  • height up to 80 cm;
  • a garter to the support is required;
  • requires pinching to the lower branch.

The tomato bush is determinant, which means that the growth of the plant is limited and an ovary with tomatoes grows at the end of the stem, as a result of which the plant stops growing. After this, the formation of the bush occurs from the strongest stepson in the lower axillary leaf.

Description of fruits

The fruit of this variety of tomatoes has a flat-rounded shape, dense, weak ribbing is noted. In the process of ripening, tomatoes are pink in color, and at the mature stage - a rich red hue. The average weight of one tomato is from 300 to 500 g, sometimes the weight reaches 700 g.

The tomato cluster has 5 to 15 fleshy fruits with a pleasant sweet taste. Tomato is consumed fresh; in cooking, tomatoes are used to prepare delicious juice drinks, as well as vegetable sauces.

Growing seedlings

The Siberian Trump variety will give a good yield of tomatoes, provided that strong seedlings are grown. To do this, you need to know how to properly prepare the seeds, at what time to sow them in the ground, how to care for the seedlings and the time of planting seedlings.

Preparation and planting of seeds

The Siberian Trump tomato variety is suitable for growing both directly into the ground and for seedlings.

A high yield of tomatoes depends on the quality of the seeds and proper preparation for sowing. Seeds can be sown dry or pre-soaked.

Recommendations for seed preparation:

  • First, seeds are rejected, for this they are soaked.
  • Tomato seeds are kept for no more than 10 minutes in a 5% sodium chloride solution.
  • Then the seeds are washed well and poured with clean water for further swelling.
  • The poured seeds are placed in a warm place for a period of 10 to 20 hours, after which they are immediately sown in the ground.

Sometimes gardeners recommend leaving the seeds to germinate in moist soil. The soil should be slightly wet so that moisture does not stagnate, and air can easily pass through the soil layers.

The composition of the soil mixture for seedlings includes sod and humus soil, which must be prepared in equal quantities. To keep the soil loose, you can add a little peat or sawdust.

The first shoots will appear in a week

The first shoots will appear in a week

For sowing seeds, you should take containers, the height of which is at least 10 cm. The depth of planting seeds is up to 1 cm. Next, the container should be covered with cellophane or glass and put in a warm place. Germination time depends on the temperature in the room, as well as the condition of the seeds. The optimal time for the appearance of the first shoots is one week.

Sprout care

When the first shoots appear, it is necessary to provide the seedlings with good lighting. For this, lamps are used. Daylight hours for this tomato should be from 12 to 16 hours. In the first 2-4 days after the appearance of the first sprout, round-the-clock lighting is provided.

When the first shoots appear, the containers are transferred to a cool room with an air temperature of 14 ° C to 16 ° C. After 7 days, after the seedlings are a little stronger, it is necessary to raise the temperature to 20 ° C, and at night, lower it again to 16 ° C.

The tomato variety will give a high yield if watering is carried out in a timely manner. The tomato does not like excessive moisture. Before the appearance of the first leaf, it is recommended not to water the seedlings at all, but monitor the soil so that it does not dry out. Next, you need to organize watering 1 time for 7 days, and when 5 leaves appear, water more often: 1 time for 3 or 4 days.

Picking and planting seedlings

It is necessary to dive a tomato of this varietal variety into individual containers. It can be either plastic cups or small pots of peat. In the process of picking, it is recommended to pinch the main root, which will allow the plant to develop a strong root system.

2 weeks before planting in open ground, the seedlings begin to harden, gradually reducing the air temperature to 14 ° C. In the last 4 days, the seedlings are taken out into the street or balcony, first for 2-3 hours, on the last day - for a day.

Under the influence of a low temperature regime, solar radiation and wind, a restructuring of all processes of the physiological development of a plant is carried out. The tomato of this variety becomes resistant to new conditions and, as a result, will provide high yields.


To increase yields, tomatoes of this variety are regularly fertilized. For this, some features of the feeding process are taken into account:

  • do not use mullein more than 3 times throughout the growing season;
  • do not introduce a large amount of organic matter into the soil;
  • do not add bird droppings to the holes, since in this case the green mass of the bush will develop, and there will be few fruits;
  • at the initial stage of the growing season, the plant is sprayed with a weak solution of urea, without adding a substance under the bush.

It is not recommended to change the fertilizer, it is important to choose a complex that would include both minerals and organic matter. It is also necessary to feed tomato bushes in a strictly established amount. During the fruiting period, fertilizing tomatoes is not worth it, since the plant has absorbed all the substances it needs when feeding during the period of intensive growth.


It is better to water the plants in the evening.

It is better to water the plants in the evening.

This tomato variety, like many other plants of the nightshade family, loves heat, sun and moisture.

It is necessary to water the plant so that the stream of water does not fall on the stems and leaves.It is very important not to oversaturate the tomato with moisture, since abundant watering negatively affects the condition of the plant.

In dry and hot weather, it is recommended to water once every 2-3 days. Watering period is evening; spraying can also be carried out. The fact that the plant does not have enough moisture is evidenced by fallen ovaries and stems with inflorescences.


According to the description, tomatoes of this varietal variety are resistant to diseases such as fusarium and apical rot. Late blight is often observed in plants.

If signs of late blight were found on the site, it is necessary to immediately remove the leaves with disease-causing signs, and, if necessary, the whole plant: this will prevent the spread of the disease to other tomatoes.


As a preventive measure for diseases, it is necessary to process tomato stems. In the first week after transplanting, the plants should be treated with a solution containing copper. Then the flowering period begins, the fruits are tied and ripen, therefore it is recommended to use folk remedies for prevention.

Ways to prevent late blight:

  • a solution of milk and water (1: 1);
  • infusion of garlic.

By spraying tomatoes with such solutions, the gardener stops the spread of the disease at the initial stage. It is also necessary to clearly organize watering, since excessive moisture contributes to the occurrence of late blight.


The Siberian Trump Tomato is a variety that gives large fruits, and is also hardy in the conditions of the Siberian region. Taking into account the peculiarities of agricultural technology, you can achieve a high yield of tasty and healthy fruits.

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