The effectiveness of the Chinese way of growing tomatoes

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In pursuit of high yields, many gardeners are beginning to try a variety of crop planting options. Breeders pay special attention to the cultivation of tomatoes. One of the most effective and effective methods today is the Chinese way of growing tomatoes.

The effectiveness of the Chinese way of growing tomatoes

The effectiveness of the Chinese way of growing tomatoes

Advantages of the method

Almost 30% of the world's population grows tomatoes using the Chinese method for growing tomato seedlings. In China, this technology of planting and growing tomatoes has been used for many years. In our country, it appeared relatively recently, so not everyone knows about its existence. But those who have tried the Chinese method of growing tomatoes are happy with the result.

The main positive qualities of this method are as follows:

  • the Chinese method of growing tomatoes is characterized by the fact that the seedlings prepare for planting faster than with other methods;
  • the risk of disease and pest damage is reduced;
  • after the pick, all plants survive;
  • tomatoes with tall bushes do not grow so quickly.

It is also important to note those indicators that are in the positive development of the stems. This allows you to form much more ovaries, respectively, the amount of harvest increases.

Planting material processing

The seeds must go through several stages of processing. First of all, they should be wrapped in a loose fabric. After that, a solution of ash is prepared and the seeds are placed there for several hours. Now you need to immerse them in a manganese solution to remove any existing bacteria.

The next stage is that the seeds are soaked in a solution of the Epin preparation. The processed seeds, after passing through all stages of processing, should be placed in the freezer for 24 hours.


The Chinese way of growing tomato seedlings is that the seeds are planted at a certain point. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the moon should wane and be in the constellation Scorpio. Seed treatment should be carried out with special solutions, which are advised by the best experts from China. For this purpose, they recommend ash extraction. To prepare it, you will need 1 tablespoon of ash and half a liter of boiling water. It is necessary to infuse the mixture for a day, then place the seeds in it. Then you should prepare a strong solution of manganese and dip the seeds into it for about 20 minutes.

The description of the Chinese method of growing tomatoes suggests that picking should be carried out at the moment when the plant is exactly one month old. That is, the moon should again be in the constellation Scorpio.

First you need to prepare containers for growing. After that, half of the container should be occupied by a mixture of black soil and sand (in equal amounts). After you have taken out the seeds, you do not need to keep them warm for a long time.The specificity of the Chinese method of growing tomatoes is that the seeds should only be planted cold. Now the prepared containers should be covered with any greenhouse materials. It can be either plastic wrap or glass. All containers should be placed in a place where there is little sunlight and quite warm.

The Chinese method of growing tomatoes allows after a few days to remove the surface protective layer from the container, because after 5 days the seeds will germinate and sprout. Now they need to be placed in a lighted place so that the seedlings grow faster. At night, the seedlings should be moved to a cool place so that the temperature regime of the day and night is not disturbed. Remember that all procedures should be carried out only during the waning of the moon. Eastern experts are convinced that this allows the root system to develop better.

Growing seedlings

It is important to make a pick correctly

It is important to make a pick correctly

The Chinese method of growing tomato seedlings implies that the picking should be carried out only after a month, because by this time the tomatoes will be of the desired growth and the moon in the constellation Scorpio will appear in the sky. It is in a month that several pairs of formed leaves will appear on the seedlings.

The Chinese way of growing tomato seedlings requires correct picking.

  1. Pruning should be done below the cotyledonous leaves.
  2. Immediate transfer to new containers with earth is obligatory.
  3. The containers are again covered with polyethylene material for insulation. Next, you need to hold the seedlings for several days in a cool, dark place, and then grow them in abundant light.

The Chinese way of growing tall tomatoes is that only special planting soil should be used. Its main part should consist of peat. If soil containing humus is used, then the bushes will often be subject to diseases. The main cause of disease is the numerous bacteria that are found in the humus. Agronomists from China are convinced that even spraying will not be able to improve the situation.

Bush formation

As soon as you have planted the plant in open ground and it begins to actively grow, you need to form a bush. When it comes to tall tomatoes, then they should be formed into 2 stems. Any brushes above 6 should be trimmed as the upper brushes will take up too much nutrients.

In order for the grown tomatoes not to break in the Chinese way, it is necessary to tie the bush. To do this, you can use special trellises or tie to a support. Thanks to the formation, the fruits will grow large.

Seedling care

If you notice that the seedlings have begun to actively gain growth, it needs to be treated with drugs that will slightly reduce it. This means is the Athlete. The ampoule must be dissolved in 1.5 liters of water and treated with plants. It is recommended to carry out the procedure no more than three times. As soon as the pick is carried out, the soil should be loosened, because the root system needs air.

Watering should be carried out at a time when the soil has begun to gradually dry out. Excessive moisture or, conversely, its lack will negatively affect the roots of the plant and their power.

Top dressing should be carried out one and a half weeks after planting the seedlings. For these purposes, it is advisable to use a complex mineral substance called Baikal. The second feeding should be carried out only after the third pair of tomato leaves has been formed.


The Chinese way of growing tomato seedlings is receiving extremely positive reviews. This technology is ideal if most of the time the seedlings are not grown in a greenhouse or open field, but indoors.

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