Description of the tomato Zhigalo

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The Zhigalo tomato has a zest that distinguishes it favorably from all other varieties of tomatoes: a strong immune system, combined with high taste and yield.

Description of tomato Zhigalo

Description of tomato Zhigalo

Description of the variety

Variety Zhigalo is a relatively new species created specifically for conservation. The elongated shape of the fruit resembles a cylinder.

According to the characteristics, the Zhigalo tomato is a mid-season type of tomato, therefore, 89-101 days pass from the moment of planting to harvest. If harvested earlier, they are placed in a warm but dry place so that they can reach full maturity. The taste is sweet, with a hint of sourness.

Bush characteristic

The Gigalo tomato bush grows to a maximum of 50 cm in height. Despite the number of fruits, it does not need a garter.

The first flower tassel is formed only after the appearance of the first 3 leaves, and then incrementally and so on until the plant is fully ripe. In one cluster, 4 to 6 fruits are formed at a time. This variety is difficult to confuse with another.

Tomatoes require a lot of sunlight and fertilizer.

Description of fruits

According to the description, they are elongated in length: one tomato reaches a size of 8 cm to 12 cm. In terms of its internal structure, it is very reminiscent of bell peppers.

Despite the impressive size, the weight of the Tomatoes is small - about 125 g.

Pros and cons of the variety

The description of the variety highlights a number of positive characteristics:

  • unpretentiousness;
  • resistance to diseases and pests;
  • undemanding garter;
  • high yield percentage.
The fruits of this variety can be consumed in any form

The fruits of this variety can be consumed in any form

The Gigolo tomato also has a number of disadvantages, among which they note:

  • light weight;
  • juicy pulp;
  • a small amount of seeds, therefore, in order to try to plant plants, you will have to spend a couple of kilograms, if not a dozen: everything will depend on how many seeds are needed and for what territory (its size).

Planting seeds

2 months before planting, the seeds are sown in soil boxes. Also, if the packaging does not have a stamp indicating that they were processed at the factory, you will have to carry out prevention yourself.

Seeds for planting in open ground are treated in a special solution. Composition:

  • potassium permanganate solution;
  • Fitosporin solution;
  • aloe juice.

the seeds are kept in this solution for a short time - 5-8 minutes, after which they are thoroughly washed under clean and cool water, and then dried. To do this, take paper towels and spread seeds on them, cover them on top, give time to dry. After that, one more prophylaxis is carried out and the seeds are treated with Epin, Novosil or a solution of honey. All preparations and natural mixtures provide an 89% guarantee that the seeds will not be contaminated.

After the seedlings have grown, a window sill is placed for a couple of days so that the plants get used to the sunlight.

When planting in a greenhouse or in open ground, the distance between the bushes should be 55-65 cm.

It is recommended to form only one shoot: in this case, the yield will increase.


Zhigalo tomatoes are hybrids, and therefore they are an excellent choice for all novice gardeners, because such plants are distinguished by their yield and persistent immunity.

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