Description of tomato Classic

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As soon as the time comes to deal with garden plots, a dilemma arises: which variety of tomatoes to focus on. Lovers of small tomatoes should pay attention to the Classic tomato. Due to its compactness and unpretentiousness, it is easy to grow it even in the narrowest spaces.

Description of tomato Classic

Description of tomato Classic

Characteristics of the variety

Tomato Classic f1 was bred in China by the most famous breeders of our time. The year of breeding is considered to be 2003. Already in 2005 this species received public recognition and was entered in the State Register.

According to the characteristic, tomato Classic f1 can be planted in all regions of the country.

Description of the plant

Description of the tomato Classic f1 indicates that it has a determinant type of bush. Usually the plant grows 100 cm. Early fruits ripen in a short amount of time. The growing season is about 100 days.

Moderate foliage is dark green in color, the surface of the leaves has a slight roughness. According to the characteristic, the formation of a bush in 1 stem is optional, but if desired, pinching can be carried out.

Description of the fetus

According to the description, the tomato Classic f1 has bright red oval fruits, slightly flattened at the base.

The weight of a single ripe tomato does not exceed 80 g. The inside has 3 chambers with a small amount of seeds. The pulp is firm and not watery. Tomatoes have a high dry matter concentration that reaches 6%. The taste is rich, slightly sweet.

Advantages and disadvantages

When considering the description of the Classic f1 tomato, a number of positive characteristics deserve attention:

  • high yields: about 5 kg of selected tomatoes are harvested from 1 bush, and from 1 sq. m - about 20 kg;
  • fast ripening of fruits;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • high rates of the immune system: this variety is not affected by late blight or powdery mildew.

The main disadvantage of the Classic tomato is its fastidiousness in feeding. He is also quarrelsome with other tomatoes.

Growing rules

Plant care will not be difficult

Plant care will not be difficult

Tomato variety Classic f1 is easy to plant. It is not necessary to plant seeds in advance to obtain seedlings: seedlings quickly appear, even if seeds were planted directly in the ground. For 1 sq. m recommend to have about 5 bushes.

Planting is carried out according to the following principle: the distance between the rows is about 60 cm, between the holes - 50 cm. This prevents the bushes from touching.


Caring for this type of tomato is standard and does not require any special efforts.

First, it is important to adjust the watering. It should be moderate and only done with warm water. This will prevent the fruit from cracking and the root system not to rot. Watering is carried out only in the evening so that moisture better penetrates into the root system and stem.

Secondly, they pay attention to feeding. They should be moderate and be sure to combine organic and mineral substances.It is advisable to use droppings, humus or wood ash as organic matter. Since this species is picky about feeding, it is necessary to control the concentration of fertilizers. You can put more phosphorus and potassium compounds, as they allow the bush to develop better and accelerate the ripening of the fruit. As for nitrogen fertilizers, you need to be especially careful with them, otherwise it will lead to a violation of the functions of the root system.

Do not forget about the standard measures, which consist in loosening the soil, weeding the beds or removing weeds. Not only the appearance of the plant depends on this, but also the yield indicators. Also, experts advise to regularly tie up the bushes. The growth of the bush is rather low, but the plant still needs a garter.

Diseases and pests

Despite the fact that the species is resistant to most of the known diseases, one should not neglect its development. Plants are often subject to diseases such as spotting. For the fight, it is recommended to use drugs such as Antrakol or Tatu. To protect yourself from other types of diseases, you should control the watering regime and the level of illumination.

In the fight against scoops, the drug Arrow helps. To get rid of slugs for the entire season, it is important to use home remedies. For control, tobacco ash is used, which kills pests for a long time. Prestige helps with the Colorado potato beetle.


The Classic variety is easy to care for and grow, and therefore is popular among gardeners.

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