Description of the variety of tomatoes Hali-Gali

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The yield and description of the variety of tomatoes are the selection criteria for planting. One of the promising hybrids for cultivation both indoors and outdoors is the Hali-Gali tomato.

Description of the variety of tomatoes Hali-Gali

Description of the variety of tomatoes Hali-Gali

The fruit hybrid was created by Russian specialists. It is registered, its cultivation is widespread in the fields of the country. Especially Hali-Gali tomatoes are recommended to be planted in the Far East and the North Caucasus. Here they have proven themselves as open ground plants.


Hali-Gali tomatoes have a number of positive qualities:

  • high productivity;
  • prolonged fruiting;
  • safety of presentation and taste during long-term transportation;
  • resistance to viruses and diseases of tomatoes.

The main indicator of the Hali-Gali tomato variety is its high yield. This is especially true for tomatoes planted in greenhouses. The greenhouse creates a favorable microclimate that promotes productivity.

The description of the variety indicates that the plant has round fruits with a small, neat "nose". With proper planting in a square-nest method and proper care, about 8 kg of fruits are harvested in the beds and 15 kg or more in the greenhouse.

Characteristics of tomatoes

The tomato variety is considered versatile. It is suitable for canning, pickling and fresh use. Winter preparations are not only tasty, but also beautiful, due to the specifics of the fruit.

Completely red in color, with a shiny skin that is not damaged by pasteurization and with a neat nose, they will appeal to many tomato lovers. The shape and firmness of the fruit makes this hybrid easy to preserve.

Growing tomatoes

The plant needs pinching

The plant needs pinching

Growing tomatoes is easy. 2 months before planting in the ground, seeds of the Hali-Gali variety are sown for seedlings. If the temperature regime is observed within 25 ° C, seedlings appear. When planting tomatoes, make sure that the plantings are not thickened: 3 bushes per 1 sq. m is enough.

The yield that a tomato gives depends on the formation of the bush. Be sure to pinch the plant, leaving 2 powerful stems, which it is advisable to tie up. The height that the fruit stem reaches can be more than 80 cm. Between 5-7 leaves, the first inflorescence is laid. Each flower gives fruit, when ripe, large, weighing up to 300 g.

According to the description, the Hali-Gali tomato gives excellent performance when crop rotation is observed.

The best predecessors of this variety are:

  • pumpkins;
  • green crops;
  • cabbage;
  • cucumbers;
  • legumes.

According to the characteristics described, the hybrid is resistant to diseases. The Hali-Gali plant is attacked by viruses, like any tomatoes, but the tobacco mosaic virus and late blight cannot damage it.

With proper cultivation and the application of appropriate fertilizers and fertilizing, the variety bears fruit for a longer time.

Transportation of fruits

These red, tasty tomatoes tolerate transportation well, so they can be transported to areas not suitable for cultivation. Even with very long journeys, tomato f1 does not lose its tomato smell and taste. At the same time, the integrity is preserved: on the surface of the fruit there are no dents and wet spots, there is completely no rot or beauty, like other, less resistant varieties.


Proper care, adherence to all recommendations and rules makes it possible to grow excellent fruits. It is enough not to forget to feed, water and weed the beds in time, then the plant will thank you with a plentiful and tasty harvest.

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