Characteristics of Tomato Juggler

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Hybrids that have appeared over the past few years are especially popular among gardeners. They give high yields, have a good immune system and perfectly tolerate negative weather conditions. One of these hybrids is the Juggler tomato.

Characteristics of Tomato Juggler

Characteristics of Tomato Juggler

Variety characteristic

This variety of category F1 was bred by Russian breeders. It was specially created for cultivation in the coldest regions of the country, which is why it is also called “Siberian tomato variety Juggler”.

The plant is adapted to the conditions of the Siberian and Ural cold, if planted in greenhouses or hotbeds. In the southern part of the country, this variety can be safely grown outdoors.

Description of the plant

Tomato Juggler f1 belongs to the first generation of hybrids. The bush has a determinant type of development, compact, therefore, 1 sq. m actually arrange about 6 plants. According to the characteristics, the foliage of the bush is moderate, the height does not exceed 70 cm.

Bunches form on the bushes, in each of which about 8 fruits are formed. In total, about 30 tomatoes are formed on the bush.

Description of the fetus

Juggler tomatoes are round in shape. Ribbing is possible at the base of the peduncle. The color of the plant is deep red, the weight of an individual ripe fruit is about 200 g.

Tomatoes have a juicy pulp, dry matter reaches 4%. The amount of sugar is about 3%. Several chambers for storing seeds are formed inside the fruit.

According to the description of the tomato Juggler f1, the seed cannot be used for planting the next year.

The taste of the fruit is rich, with notes of sweetness. Tomatoes are suitable for salads or fresh consumption, show ideal taste indicators in preservation.

Advantages and disadvantages

The description of the tomato Juggler indicates a number of positive qualities of the variety:

  • excellent taste of ripe tomatoes;
  • short ripening time;
  • resistance to adverse weather conditions;
  • disease resistance;
  • long storage period;
  • high yield rates.

The only drawback is regular abundant feeding to achieve high yields.

Growing rules

Caring for tomatoes is easy

Caring for tomatoes is easy

First, the seeds are treated with special substances that accelerate growth. After that, humus is introduced into ordinary garden soil, after which the seeds are planted to a depth of no more than 2 cm. In order for the seedlings to grow faster, they maintain a temperature in the greenhouse of about 24 ° C.

Planting in open ground is carried out when the soil warms up to a temperature of 18 ° C. The distance between the rows should be about 40 cm, and between the bushes - 50 cm.


After the appearance of the first shoots, top dressing is applied. It must be composed entirely of nitrogenous substances. After that, for the entire growing season, 4 more additional dressings are carried out.It is also recommended to use phosphorus-containing substances: this enhances the taste and marketability of the fruit.

It is important to loosen the soil and weed the beds: this will not allow moisture to stagnate and rot the root system. It is important that the right amount of nutrients and oxygen gets to the roots.


Despite resistance to most diseases, preventive measures are necessary. Before planting seeds or seedlings, the soil is treated with a manganese solution. Also, all plants are treated with phytosporin every 2 weeks.

To get rid of aphids, the Colorado potato beetle or ticks, special insecticides are used. The Regent, Bison and Tabba will be ideal assistants. In the fight against slugs, a solution of ammonia will help.


Tomato Juggler f1 has good characteristics, so it can become a decoration of the garden. It does not require a special attitude towards itself, therefore it is suitable for operation even by beginners in the field of agriculture.

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