Characteristics of the Niagara tomato

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One of the most resistant varieties to adverse conditions is the Niagara tomato.

Characteristics of the Niagara tomato

Characteristics of the Niagara tomato

Description of the variety Niagara

For the first time, the Niagara tomato variety was bred on the territory of the Russian Federation. This plant is classified as indeterminate. There are few leaves on the bush, they are medium in size, bright green. The arrangement of tomatoes on the plant is unusual: a fruit goes through each leaf.

When grown properly, a vegetable has an oblong shape with a sharp end. The crop yield is high. On the 1st hand, up to 14 fruits develop at the same time. Among gardeners, this species is famous for its yield, disease resistance and good fruit preservation.


The Niagara tomato, according to the description, has a number of positive characteristics:

  • Productivity;
  • resistance to diseases (late blight occurs rarely due to excessive humidity and coolness);
  • resistance to any temperature (seedlings sprout well both in warm and cool weather);
  • drought resistance (this is facilitated by a powerful root system).

Many Niagara consumers report that another advantage of the variety is the ability to harvest before the onset of the real frost. The fruits are distinguished by excellent taste.


The disadvantage of Niagara is that the seeds germinate very rarely, sometimes they have to be sown. Most owners see the inconvenience that the sprouts need to be tied up.

Characteristics of the bushes

The bushes of the Niagara tomato variety are quite high. Their average height is 1.5 m, the maximum is 2 m.

The plant must be tied up

The plant must be tied up

the yield of the Niagara variety is large enough - in order for the plant to withstand a huge load, it is customary to form only one stem. If you follow the minimum recommendations, 8-10 healthy fetuses appear on the 1st hand.

Those who have tried to grow a tomato from 2-4 trunks argue that the yield is not falling, but the tomatoes are decreasing in size. In any case, the bush should be tied up so that it does not break off.

Fruit characteristics

According to the description:

  • up to 16 fruits can be grown on 1 brush;
  • if you do not take care of the tomato, the harvest will be at least 6 fruits per 1 brush, which is also a fairly good indicator;
  • practically every Tomato has approximately the same size and weight from 80 to 100 g;
  • the clusters look neat and attractive.

The tomato has a regular oval shape with a pointed tip. There are 3 chambers with seeds inside the fruit. This tomato is quite sweet, but at the same time has a slight sourness.

Growing features

The cultivation of this variety is practically no different from the cultivation of other varieties of tomatoes. The Niagara tomato has an average ripening period. A full harvest is harvested after 100-110 days after planting.

The Niagara tomato variety is planted both in open ground and in greenhouses. Seeds rarely germinate. Sometimes, out of 10 seeds, only one emerges.Sprouted seeds are resistant to adverse temperatures and excessive moisture.

Seedlings are also not afraid of low temperatures, so you can plant them in open ground in early spring. The variety is distinguished by its yield: 1 bush gets up to 10 kg of fruit, and this is a decent indicator. The harvest begins in mid-July, but the peak of fertility is observed in mid-August.

The variety is resistant to pests and diseases, unpretentious. The main thing is to plant seeds in well-lit areas of the garden.

According to the characteristics, the variety Niagara is resistant and productive, yields very tasty fruits. If you are in doubt about which tomatoes to plant, give preference to it.

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