How you can use lemon and cloves for mosquito repellent
Why do lemon and carnation scare away mosquitoes, what kind of remedy to make with your own hands, how to make a bracelet, what are the contraindications?
Health benefits and harms of tangerines
The benefits and harms of tangerines for our health, well-being, weight loss and beauty are due to their composition, properties and characteristics of use.
Why do mandarin leaves turn yellow?
For what reasons do mandarin leaves turn yellow? How to save a plant? How to use chemical and folk remedies in citrus treatment?
Allergy to tangerines
What are the causes of allergic reactions? What are the symptoms of citrus allergy? What is the difference between the reaction in children?
Lemon propagation methods by cuttings
Why cut a lemon? How to prepare the material? How to germinate a stalk in the ground, to graft on an ornamental tree? How to get roots from air layers?
Citrus scent for cats
Why don't cats like citrus scent? Why doesn't the animal smell? How do you suggest using this folk methods?

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