Where do pigeons usually hide their chicks
    Where do pigeons hide their chicks? At what age does the dove breed and is it possible to see chicks on the street?
    Newcastle disease in pigeons
    For what reason does Newcastle disease appear in pigeons, how to determine the disease and how to deal with it correctly, the course of the disease in birds.
    Characteristics of Thurman pigeons
    What are Thurman pigeons? What are their features and how to distinguish them by their external features? What do birds love and where do they live?
    Features of the Uzbek two-headed pigeons
    What is unique about the Uzbek two-toed pigeons? Where do they live? How to recognize a breed by its appearance? What are the features in the feeding and behavior of pigeons?
    Features of Takla pigeons
    Why are Takla pigeons interesting? Where did the breed come from and what features are characteristic of these birds? What do they like and where do they live?
    Methods for treating diarrhea in pigeons
    Why do pigeons vilify? Diarrhea in pigeons occurs in young or adult birds. If at least one pigeon began to vilify, the whole flock must be treated.

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