Sow maintenance and care
    How the sow is kept depends on what kind of litter will be. That is why the quality of sow care is so important for the breeder.
    The most common pig breeds
    A brief description of the most common pig breeds today, the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.
    Symptoms and methods of treatment of edematous disease in suckling pigs
    Piglet edematous disease belongs to the category of the most common and most dangerous diseases affecting young lard-dairy farm cattle.
    Specificity of the mating procedure for pigs
    How do pigs mate? How difficult is this procedure and what should the owner know about it? Advice from specialists on preparation for mating.
    Making a pen for a sow
    Can I make a pen for a sow myself? Why is such a device necessary and how important is its role in the breeding process?
    How to make a pig farm yourself
    What should be a pig farm? Is it possible to do it yourself and what you need to know in order for you to succeed? Experts' advice on the arrangement.

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