Description of horses of the Brabancon breed
    Brabancon has a long, arched neck. It compensates for the heavy weight of the body, balances the animal. The musculature of the Belgian draft truck is well developed.
    How to saddle a horse correctly
    How to saddle a horse yourself? What do you need to know for this? What recommendations should a beginner take into account and what options will be optimal?
    Isabella horse
    When and by whom was the Isabella breed of horses bred? What color is it and how to behave correctly when buying an animal?
    Budennovskaya breed of sports horses
    Description of the Budennovsk horse breed, the pros and cons of such a breed, how to train and test horses for professional fitness, useful tips.
    Description of karak horse suit
    What is unique about the karak horse suit? What features are inherent in it? How to distinguish karak color? What breeds with this color are found most often?
    Description of the Friesian horse
    Friesian horse breed, description of appearance, history of origin, breed advantages, character, rules for keeping individuals.

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