How much should a horse weigh

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How much does a horse weigh? This question interests every person who is going to make such a large purchase. It is on the weight of the horse that its main characteristics, as well as health indicators, depend. If a person has determined the average weight of a horse, then he will be able to normally control its growth, formation, and most importantly, health.

How much does a horse weigh

How much does a horse weigh

Horses, like people, from improper feeding and exertion are able to greatly gain or, conversely, decrease in weight. The horse's weight, health and physical condition depend on the diet. The amount of food consumed by the horse should be 2% of its mass.

Weight group and what it should be

The average weight of a horse, regardless of its age, is divided into groups:

  • individuals weighing less than 400 kg are the lightest horses;
  • 400-600 kg - average weight of a pet;
  • more than 600 kg - heavy horses;
  • 200 kg and less - ponies.

If you know the exact weight of an adult horse, you can determine the acceptable load for it. Body condition is an important factor. After a while, it will be possible to find out for what work to use the pet, how much it can be loaded. Horses that have a beautiful breed and participate in various exhibitions are well-nourished. They have a fine shiny coat and a rounded shape. Animals with good sexual activity are classified in the factory category. They are mainly used for breeding.

Horses that have excellent shape, height and low weight are used for various jobs, and also become participants in sports. A horse with poor fatness is the result of poor maintenance. This also applies to animals that are often sick or are already very old.

How to correctly calculate the mass of large individuals

How much does an adult horse weigh? To determine how much a mature horse weighs, a formula invented by a German hippologist is applied. It is very simple to measure animal weight, for this they take the girth of the chest of an individual and multiply it by a special coefficient, which has its own for each animal. What the coefficient should be is indicated in the table below.

Easy draft animals2,7
Heavy horse3,5
Medium pet3,1

The mass is calculated as follows: mass = 1.455 * (exhaust gas) 1.832 (coolant) 2.315 (diesel fuel) - 580.4. Owners of large pets cannot do without this formula.

The determination of the weight of adult horses is carried out using the formula of the Russian hippologist. The weight of a horse is determined by multiplying the number of chest girth by 6 and subtracting the number 620 from the result obtained. Thoroughbred horses are calculated using a more complex formula.

When the average weight of an adult horse is known, it is possible to determine how much load the animal can handle and how often it can be used for work in rural areas. Many owners think that the horse is able to withstand any load. This is a myth: each breed is only able to withstand a certain mass.

If the horse is athletic and intended for competition, the rider's weight must not exceed 20% of the horse's weight.When a person weighs more than 30%, the animal experiences severe stress and strain. For example, if the pet weighs 400 kg, then the rider's weight should not exceed 80 kg.

What is the birth weight of foals?

The horse carries a foal for 11 months. How much a newborn foal weighs depends on the breed of its mother. At birth, a horse should weigh on average 40 kg. Only in this weight can the baby stand on its feet immediately after birth. A few hours after birth, he begins to eat breast milk.

In order for the foal to grow well and not get sick, it must be properly fed, controlled and monitored for health. Heavyweight babies weigh 50-60 kg at birth. Very weak individuals born weighing 30 kg cannot immediately rise to their feet. Such foals are artificially fed so that they gain strength and reach the required weight.

The weight of a small stallion can also be calculated using the formula. The weight of an adult horse, that is, a mother, is divided by 10, the result is how much the cub weighs at birth. The weight of a horse born will fluctuate plus or minus 5 kg. A pony weighs much less at birth. Scientists have recorded that the smallest pony mass is 2 kg, and the largest is 67 kg.

Important principles for measuring animal parameters

In order to find out how much a horse weighs on average, you need to measure everything correctly and carefully. This is done very simply if you use special formulas and meters for correct measurements. For example, to measure the volume of the chest, use a tape on which the kilograms are marked for a specific weight group of the animal. The result of the volume of the chest can be determined by measuring the abdomen of the horse at the most convex points. In order to find out the height of the pet, take the length, starting from the withers to the very ground.

After all the measurements have been taken, the numbers obtained are multiplied by a special indicator of the type of physique. Each type of animal has its own number. You can find it out in a special table.

Heavy horse2,58
Medium pet2,33
Lean horse2,1

In order to determine how much weight a horse can withstand, the following coefficients will be needed:

  • well-fed animal - 3.39;
  • skinny pets - 3.06.

Such indicators make it possible to find out how to properly feed a pet, as well as how to monitor its health and growth.

How old do horses live

How long an adult pet will live directly depends on what kind of work it will be used for, as well as how much weight the horse will carry on itself. These indicators include the following factors:

  • pet breed;
  • conditions during containment;
  • the purpose of an adult pet.

The average age of an adult is 35 years. When an animal lives in the wild, it rarely survives to that age. The average age of individuals used for breeding is 30 years. Animals participating in sports live up to 25, but it should be borne in mind that the life span of a pet depends on the injuries received and the diseases suffered.


In order to accurately calculate the weight of a horse, the main thing is to correctly measure all parameters: height, weight and chest girth. The horse's further life and where it will be used directly depends on the weight of the horse. The possibilities of such large animals know no boundaries: pets are able to bring joy to their owners both through physical beauty and as excellent helpers in various transportation and planting crops.

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