Why is the horse dreaming

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VISIONS are an integral part of our life. Sometimes they scare, sometimes they please, sometimes they warn. Our ancestors believed that during sleep, the human soul is able to leave its body shell and travel to other worlds inaccessible to the human eye.

Why is the horse dreaming

Why is the horse dreaming

As for scientific men, in their understanding, dreams are some vector tests, the reaction of our subconscious to certain life situations, which should not be taken lightly.

The interpretation of dreams is a special science that cannot be accommodated in one article, therefore, in we will only touch on the topic of what a horse is dreaming of and what our subconscious mind signals about, showing this majestic representative of the animal world in dreams.


In search of an answer to the question of what it means to see a horse in a dream, one should turn to the symbolism of this animal. The range of interpretations of the horse symbol is quite extensive. Stretching from heaven to earth, from light to darkness, from life to death, it affects almost all aspects of human life. The horse as an archetype is a symbol of strength, power and wise government. Its appearance is associated with a trip and moving forward.

Horse in mythology

As a vehicle, the horse is mentioned in many ancient myths and legends. In ancient legends, our distant ancestors harnessed horses to the magic chariots of the gods and endowed them with wonderful mythical qualities. So, the favorite horse of the Old Norse god Odin was a stallion named Slepnir. He is described as an incredibly intelligent, strong animal with 8 legs. The chariot of the great and formidable god of thunder Zeus was driven by the magical flying horse Pegasus, who was portrayed as an animal with mighty wings.

Pegasus horse

Pegasus horse

The horse's connection with light and darkness was reflected in the depiction of Death riding a black horse, symbolizing the end of the path, and the four horses of the Apocalypse, denoting the eschatological end of the world. The white horse is a symbol of life, light and enlightenment. In ancient Slavic mythology, special attention was paid to the color of the horse. So, a rider on a white horse symbolized day, on a red - the sun, on a black - night, a brown trotter portended death. In the well-known revelations of John the Theologian, a pale horse was mentioned - a harbinger of death, a red horse - war and a black horse - hunger.

In ancient legends, a horse is a symbol of speed, beauty and vitality. This animal is associated with wind, fire, storm, running rivers. His image is imbued with courage, valor and a thirst for freedom. The horse personifies the male solar power that lifts from the knees and carries with it. Human wisdom, prudence, the ability to find a way out of difficult life situations and the speed of thought are associated with this animal.

The image of a horse among representatives of various countries

The adherents of Islam have a legend about Burak, a creature with the body of a horse and the head of a man. According to Muslim beliefs, Burak was the vehicle of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, who rushed on him from Mecca to Jerusalem so quickly that water did not have time to pour out of the overturned vessel.

In ancient Iranian legends, four white horses are mentioned: wind, rain, cloud and snow, which were harnessed to the cart of Ardvisura Anahita, the goddess of divine love. In Japanese tradition, the goddess Bato Kannon appeared in the form of a white horse. The Romans harnessed white horses to the chariots of Mithras and Apollo.

For a more accurate answer to the question of what the horse is dreaming of, understanding the symbolic meaning of this animal is not enough. The details of the dream are important: the number of horses that appeared in the dream, their suit. You cannot ignore your own role in the dream: you are riding a horse, leading it by the bridle, or just looking at it.

Next, we will analyze several of the most common circumstances in which a person falls when he sees a horse in a dream.


If you are dreaming about horses, first of all, focus on their number. To begin with, consider the situation when one horse dreamed. In this situation, the sex of the animal is important for the correct interpretation of the vision. It is often quite difficult to find out, but sometimes night dreams themselves give a clue to the dreamer.


Without taking into account all the details of the vision, the dreamed mare is a symbol of female beauty, sexuality and attractiveness. If such a dream comes to visit a man, then he should expect an acquaintance with an attractive girl, which may well develop into a love relationship. For a young girl, a mare in a dream promises a meeting or news from a friend. Such dreams can signal the appearance of a rival or ill-wisher.

The mare is dreaming

The mare is dreaming

A beautiful muscular stallion - a symbol of masculinity and male sexuality. For a lonely representative of the beautiful half of humanity, the appearance in a dream of a young stallion portends a pleasant acquaintance with an attractive man. If everything goes well, then a love affair with subsequent marriage is not excluded. If a stallion visited a man in a dream, he should be wary of the appearance of a rival or foe. If you are a business person, then such a dream may be a herald of the appearance of a profitable business companion or a high patron.

Stallion dreaming

Stallion dreaming

Two horses

If in night visions a person happened to see two horses of the same sex, then this is not good. Such a dream means that soon quarrels and misunderstandings on the part of loved ones or acquaintances await him. The situation is aggravated if he sees how one animal attacks another, kicks it and bites.

On the other hand, the horse dream book says that a mare and a stallion who come in night dreams indicate a possible love affair and may even become harbingers of an upcoming wedding. In other words, a dreamed pair of horses promises a person to find his soul mate.

Dreaming of two horses

Dreaming of two horses

If in a dream you happened to see a horse with a foal, then after a while good news will knock on the door, which will be associated with an improvement in financial situation. Those who are lucky enough to see a mare giving birth or a horse that has just given birth to a small foal in their nightly dreams will experience a change for the better. They can be associated with a change of residence, business success, and even the birth of a child.

If a child sees a little foal, then parents should think about a brother or sister for him.

To dream of a horse with a foal in the house is a sign of luck and happiness. Such a dream can promise profit, the arrival of pleasant guests and good news. Any appearance of a foal in night visions is a favorable dream.The only exception is a prancing foal: this dream signals that a person is prone to imprudent actions.

a trio of horses

Consider a situation where three horses were dreamed. On the one hand, the three horses can be an omen of an upcoming journey, and on the other hand, such a dream signals that you have made a wrong decision or committed an unseemly act, the consequences of which will be dire. According to Juno's dream book, to see three horses in a dream is to gossip and censure from ill-wishers. If a woman happened to see such a dream, then she should think about her behavior with the opposite sex, and if a man, then we are talking about the need to get rid of bad habits.

Dreaming of three horses

Dreaming of three horses

Those who have dreamed of three horses harnessed to a carriage or cart should focus on the behavior of animals. If the horses carry the cart smoothly, a calm and measured life without shocks awaits a person. In the case when there is no agreement between the trotters, and they act on the principle of a swan, cancer and a pike, trouble awaits the dreamer. Most likely they will be associated with fights at home or at work.

Herd of horses

It is not uncommon for many horses, a whole herd, to appear in people's dreams. So, what is the dream of a herd of horses for? First, we pay attention to the behavior of animals. If you dream of a herd of calm horses that peacefully nibble the grass and emit a joyful neigh, it means that in your near future everything will go like clockwork. For a woman who had to stand among such animals in a dream, such a dream can mean a happy family life or an upcoming successful marriage.

The herd is dreaming

The herd is dreaming

When a feeling of horror arises at the sight of a maddened herd of horses rushing at you, trampling everything in their path and pursuing you, in reality you have to face human aggression or experience life's upheavals. If on a field where many horses graze, you can see lush green grass, birds flutter around and the sun is shining brightly, this is an excellent omen that bodes well. If the grass in your vision has turned yellow or trampled, and the sky is covered with dark clouds, expect trouble. Failure can come both to your home and to the home of your relatives or friends. Perhaps a person living by the principle will turn to you for help, if you do a service for me, then I will try for you.

When analyzing the circumstances of sleep, where people can see many horses, racing is worth noting. Of those who often dream about races, we can say that these are risky people who are not used to making plans and thinking about tomorrow. But, if the subconscious mind focuses on this fact, then perhaps it wants to warn you of impending danger. It is worth moderating your ardor and living more calmly, without risking in vain.

Horse color

The color of the horse, according to Miller's dream book, is just as important as the number of individuals, so if you are wondering why a horse is dreaming, look at its color. Most often, a white or black horse breaks into people's night visions. However, there are often cases when the colors of the dreamed animals are striking in their uniqueness. But nothing happens without a reason, so if an animal of the most intricate color entered the dreams, there is an explanation for this.

White horse

First of all, let's try to get to the bottom of the truth of what the white horse is dreaming of. In terms of white horses, all dream books are unanimous: this is luck.

If a young girl is lucky enough to see a white horse in a dream, she will soon marry.

When white horses visited the night visions of a man, then in the near future he will not suffer from a lack of attention from the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

If in a dream a man sees himself as a rider galloping on a white horse, in speed he will be able to win the heart of his beloved woman.

A white horse is often dreamed of by a woman who dreams of finding her soul mate. In this case, the animal is seen vaguely, as if through a fog, now appearing, now disappearing. If a woman dreams that she is being carried by white horses harnessed to a cart and there are many of them, then this is a signal that she should be more selective in dealing with the opposite sex.

Black horse

If a black horse got into your dreams, this is a sure sign of dissatisfaction with yourself. A black horse in a dream is often seen by people who are in an eternal search for the meaning of life. If the subconscious of an individual constantly implants a black horse in his dreams, then he should perceive this vision as a signal that it is time to relax and slightly reduce the demands on himself and the people around him.

If a black horse in a dream was lucky enough to contemplate a woman who is in search of her soul mate, then this dream can be regarded as a harbinger of a meeting with a man who at first seems to her to be the only one, but ultimately disappoint.

When a vision comes to a representative of the strong half of humanity, in which he was presented with a black horse, it means that soon the guy will have to experience love without reciprocity. The same fate awaits a woman who has been visited by such a dream. However, if you are lucky enough to meet a beautiful black mare in a dream, this may be a signal that you will finally be able to defeat a bad habit or a lingering illness. Seeing a black horse in a dream - to the collapse of hopes.

Colored suits

In addition to horses of white and black suit, individuals of other colors may also be present in people's dreams. So:

  1. A beautiful brown horse in a dream comes to those people who will be successful and recognized in the future. If a guy dreamed about a dark brown horse, it means that everything he planned will come true. Brown stallions are usually seen in a dream by young ladies who are popular with men.
  2. According to the dream book, a gray horse may indicate that either the dreamer himself is a believer, or he will become acquainted with a religious person.
  3. A pink horse that comes into dreams means that you are a rather romantic and frivolous person. According to the dream book, a pink horse means that you will have to thoroughly smash your head over an unsolved problem.
  4. A blue horse is a sign of the dreamer's originality. According to the dream book, such a horse means that the seemingly insoluble will be resolved. To do this, you just need to rely on intuition and eccentricity of thinking.
  5. If you dreamed of a red horse, then soon you will have to work hard. It is possible that a huge heap of problems will fall on you, which will be very difficult to solve. If you observe an old, ugly, thin, sick mare, this means that the result of your efforts will be deplorable. If a beautiful young horse visited you in visions, then everything will be resolved quite successfully.
  6. Those who happened to see a red horse in their dreams should show composure in life and try to think with their head, not with their heart.
  7. A good omen is the appearance of a horse in apples in night visions. Such a dream means that the one who watched it begins a white streak in life. For a woman, a beautiful stallion in apples means that she will be able to get an enviable groom.

The state of the animal

For a more accurate answer to the question of what the horse is dreaming of, a detailed analysis of the animal's condition is important. The interpreter of visions must pay attention to the appearance of the horse, its age and size. An important circumstance is the behavior of the animal, whether it is alive or dead. Let's consider some of the nuances of this issue.

Sick or healthy

A young, beautiful, healthy horse from your dream in life will bring you only good things.

If in a dream you happened to buy such an animal, it means that your affairs will soon go well.A sick old mare brings quarrels, squabbles and troubles, and thin horses - financial difficulties. An injured horse, breathing heavily and lying on the ground, means that your affairs are bad, but there is a chance to make things right. If you see a wounded mare standing on her feet, it means that, despite the difficult situation, you will still be able to get out of trouble with the least loss for yourself.

The size

If you happen to see a horse in a dream, be sure to take a closer look at its size. A huge mare dreamed of in a doze is a signal from the subconscious of excessive self-confidence, which is better to moderate. Conversely, if a vision came to you in which there was a small horse or pony, you are an insecure person. A small size can also indicate that you have personality traits or desires that you want to get rid of.

Dead horse

Now let's figure out why a dead horse is dreaming. In the understanding of people, these dreams are harbingers of something bad, but this is far from the case. Although dead horses look ominous, you should not be afraid of such dreams. When talking about dead animals, you need to take into account the general surroundings of the scene you see and personal feelings. So, if you contemplate a dead mare that has died of old age or illness, then you should expect bad news, which, however, you will be able to cope with.

A killed or slaughtered horse signals possible, but solvable, troubles. If a dead mare appeared before you covered in blood, danger can threaten your loved ones, and they cannot do without help. If in your nightmares you had to see the murder of a stallion, consider the following details: a vision in which strangers kill a mare in front of your eyes, and you are not able to save her, suggests that you are a very responsible and reliable person. In this way, your subconscious wants to reach out to you and urge you to live at least a little for yourself.

If in a dream you yourself had to kill a mare and you see how she fell and dies, this means that soon a quarrel with relatives awaits you. If, being in the power of Morpheus, you see a lot of dead horses, this is a change of residence. Holding the skull of a dead stallion in your hand is a disease. Some dream books interpret dreams with dead trotters as an indicator that a person has to work hard to achieve the coveted goal.

Animal behavior

For those who want to find out for themselves what the horse is dreaming of, it is necessary to analyze the behavior of the animal. So, a wild horse standing on its hind legs is a bad sign. It matters who controls such a wayward animal. If a horse is standing on its hind legs, and you yourself are sitting on it, and besides, it throws you to the ground, then such a dream can be interpreted as a quarrel with relatives or even parting with them. When a trotter standing on its hind legs kicks off someone else, it means that you will happen to find out some secret or change your mind about some certain things or people.

If you saw a trotter running in a circle, it means that you are in danger of getting into a hopeless situation. The fall of the animal can be interpreted as the emergence of unexpected problems. If the horse fell in your dream, but was able to get up, this means that you will be able to get things right. The sleeping horse from your dream indicates the secrets that your environment has, and it would not hurt to reveal them.

A burning mare portends big trouble or frustration. If, being in the arms of Morpheus, you see a reservoir with clean water in which horses swim, feel free to take on a new business: you will succeed. If the water in the reservoir is dirty or muddy, then a rather unfavorable period will come for you, which must be waited out. When you see that a horse bathing in a pond is drowning and you cannot save it, beware of troubles in relations with your soul mate.

If you dreamed of a talking horse, be sure to listen to her words. Usually dreams in which an animal talks to a dreamer are prophetic. And it does not matter at all who wants to tell important information: donkey, goat, bull or dog, try to understand what they want to convey to you. Memorize the words spoken by the animals, even if they seem incoherent and devoid of any meaning to you.

If you dreamed of a stallion who poops, this is a great omen. Almost all dream books interpret dreams in which shit is present as harbingers of prosperity and an improvement in financial situation, so in a dream you can watch horse dung, wait for cash receipts. In addition to money, horse droppings bode well for business and winning the lottery.

Possible situations

Even the smallest details are important for the correct interpretation of dreams. Sometimes what seems secondary and completely unimportant is the clue to an intricate vision. Therefore, in order not to get into a mess when analyzing what he saw in a dream, special attention should be paid to his own role in the dream and personal feelings. To make it easier to navigate, we present the most common dream situations with horses.


Since a horse is primarily a mount, most often people dream about how they themselves or their loved ones are riding.

  1. Riding a beautiful, full of strength stallion means waiting for positive changes.
  2. Riding a sick tired horse means that your dreams are not destined to come true.
  3. Riding a black or dark steed is bad news.
  4. Riding a snow-white mare is pretty good news.
  5. Riding a horse in a dream on a bumpy road or hilly terrain means that your life will resemble a swing, where victory will immediately be followed by defeat and vice versa.
  6. Riding a horse with other riders is a fun pastime.
  7. Riding a stallion through a wooded area is an indicator of being demanding on yourself and others.
  8. If you saw in a dream a horse on which a rider was sitting, wait for news.
  9. If a dead man was sitting in the saddle, try to understand what he wants to tell you.
  10. If you had a dream in which you had a chance to ride a horse and a pack of wolves was chasing you, beware of betrayal by your friends.
  11. Riding in a horse-drawn carriage increases your status. If you see white horses in a horse team, glory and honor await you, and if black ones - disappointment.
  12. Riding a cart or cart pulled by a lonely animal means that it is better to prepare for difficult times, which you will have to go through on your own.
  13. Riding a sleigh pulled by a horse troika portends a fortunate set of circumstances.
Riding a horse is dreaming

Riding a horse is dreaming

Aggressive horse

If you dream of a restless and even aggressive horse that kicked you hard, this is a harbinger of family quarrels or debriefing at work. If a mare hits you with a hoof, then this indicates that a person will soon appear who will give you a lot of trouble. It happens that in a dream a person sees how a mad horse bites him and even clearly feels its bite on his leg or arm. This dream means that your beloved or beloved has secrets from you.

Aggressive horse dreams

Aggressive horse dreams

If you dreamed of a horse who was trying to knock you down, wait for the appearance of a long-forgotten enemy. The interpretation of a dream, in which a horse knocks down a stranger in front of your eyes, is as follows: uninvited guests rush to your doorstep. If in gloomy nightmares you had to run away from an angry mare who kicked you painfully with a hoof, focus on the color of the individual. Running away from a white pacer is a love adventure, and hiding from a black one who hits you with a hoof is a bitter disappointment. If you get hit by a horse covered in apples, your business will go well.

Other circumstances of sleep

In addition to the above situations, there are a number of other circumstances that should also be mentioned. So:

  1. If in a nap you often have to feed a horse, you are a kind and sympathetic person. To feed a horse with bread is to get an unexpected income. If the horse takes food from your hands with pleasure, now everything is going like clockwork for you. If the horse refuses to eat, wait for the appearance of people who will put spokes in your wheels.
  2. If you drink a horse in a dream, this will improve your physical condition and general well-being.
  3. Plowing a field, having adapted a workhorse for this business, is a good job.
  4. Kissing, hugging and stroking a trotter is a visit of good friends.
  5. If you dreamed of a dirty stallion who had to be washed, then in reality you will have to overcome serious obstacles.
  6. If the filly ran away and you had to catch her, this means that your loved one wants to leave you. If you managed to catch a runaway horse in a nap, the conflict will be settled.
  7. Losing a stallion in a dream, looking for it for a long time and not finding it is a bad sign. This dream can be a harbinger of an impending divorce or breakup.
  8. If you had a dream in which a stranger sits on your trotter, this means that your life partner is in mortal danger and you may lose him.
  9. If you dream that gypsies stole your stallion, this is to deception and financial losses.
  10. Rescuing a horse that has fallen into a trap or is injured, to a successful outcome of the case.
  11. To contemplate a horse in a nap in a house or apartment for a woman means a successful marriage, and for a representative of a strong half of humanity - good luck in business.
  12. If you were lucky enough to buy a horse in a dream, this is a good omen. It is profitable to buy a horse - to material well-being and success in business.
  13. A horse falling under you is a bad omen. The interpretation of such a dream is as follows: you have a difficult period of life, which will be quite difficult to survive. The situation is aggravated by a fallen black horse, which means that the dreamer will face heavy losses in the near future.
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