Auspicious days in 2019 for planting garlic
    How to choose the days of planting table garlic next year in order to guarantee a high yield, and how to care for the plantings?
    Garlic planters
    For what purposes is a garlic planter used, what advantages does it have? What types of garlic planters are there and how to make them yourself?
    Planting garlic in different regions
    What determines the planting of garlic in different regions? What are the varieties of garlic for different regions? What you need to know about caring for a vegetable?
    Rules for watering garlic in the open field
    How to properly water garlic outdoors? What is it for? How often do you need to water and what methods are there?
    The correct timing for harvesting garlic in 2018
    What timing of harvesting garlic will be optimal in 2018, what you need to know about the rules for harvesting this vegetable this year?
    Reasons why garlic turns blue
    Why can garlic turn blue, which causes the color of the vegetable to change? how to care for a plant to avoid such a problem?

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