What pear leaves look like
    Detailed description of pear leaves. Their botanical characteristics. The shape of the leaf plate for various varietal representatives of the pear.
    Winter varieties of pears
    What kinds of winter pears are there? What do you need to know about the rules for planting such trees and about caring for them in order to get a bountiful harvest?
    Characteristics of the Nerussus pear
    Peculiarities of the Nerussa pear variety. How to grow a crop correctly? How can you take proper care of your pear to get a healthy harvest?
    Description of Valentine pear
    How productive is Valentine's pear? What features of the variety are noted by breeders? How to grow a crop correctly and what you need to know about grooming?
    Rules for planting pears in spring
    Features of planting pears in the spring: choosing a place, preparing a seedling, preparing a pit, transplanting.
    Recommendations for the care of pears in spring
    What is pear care in the spring? How to care for young and adult trees, what should be sprayed on plants in spring?

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