Brucellosis in cows
Brucellosis in cows, etiology of the disease, symptomatic signs of brucellosis, forms of the course of the disease, infection control scheme.
Feeding and caring for calves in the first year of life
Calf feeding and housing conditions affect not only the overall health, but also the meat and dairy performance of animals in the future.
Characteristics of the Kostroma breed of cows
How is the Kostroma breed of cows characterized? What features in the care and cultivation are inherent in it? What should the owner know?
Cow breed limousine
Distinctive features of the breed of limousine cows, characteristics of their appearance, indicators of the productivity of the breed, the advantages of limousines.
What is leukemia in cows, its symptoms and signs
Reproach leukemia is a special kind of virus. The activity of the pathogen leads to an excessive increase in the size of the cells of the hematopoietic organs.
Jersey breed of cows
Jersey breed of cows, its distinctive features, characteristics of appearance, performance indicators, conditions and benefits of breeding.

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