Iodine solution for rabbits
Why give iodine to rabbits? Is it obligatory? Experienced rabbit breeders and farmers know that iodine solution serves as the main prevention of all rodent diseases.
Reasons for the rabbit's refusal to mate
Why does the rabbit keep the rabbit out? First of all, it is advised to check the health of the female, and then diagnose the animal's living environment.
Rabbit castration procedure
How is rabbits castrated? How difficult is this process and who can you entrust it to? How to take care of animals after surgery?
Features of the New Zealand rabbit
What is interesting about the New Zealand rabbit? What features of the breed are noted by experts? How to properly care for an animal? How to breed it?
Characteristics of the Rabbit Strokach
What is interesting about the Strokach rabbit, what are the distinctive features of it, how to care for the animal and how to feed it.
Description of the sheep of the Katum breed
Katum sheep belong to special breeds of farm animals. They are appreciated for the excellent taste of meat and for ease of care and maintenance.

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