The benefits and harms of pumpkin seed oil
    Pumpkin seed oil is a folk remedy for all diseases. Its benefits and harms, how to choose a natural product and which manufacturers should be trusted.
    The composition of the pumpkin and its calorie content
    What is the calorie content of pumpkin and what useful components are included in its composition? How does the cooking method affect nutritional value?
    Ways to dry pumpkin
    Useful properties of dried pumpkin. Popular ways to dry vegetables. Storing pumpkin. How to dry a whole pumpkin for decorative purposes?
    Which pumpkin is recognized as the largest in the world
    How much does the largest pumpkin in the world weigh? Who is its creator? Other records for growing vegetables. Is it ok to eat giant pumpkins?
    Popular varieties of green pumpkin
    Features of the green pumpkin. Description of some varieties from hard, large-fruited, nutmeg, sweet and decorative directions.
    When to harvest pumpkin in the suburbs and the Volga region
    How to find out the timing of harvesting in the Moscow region, the Volga region and other regions of Russia? What you need to know about the rules for collecting such a crop?

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