How you can use lemon and cloves for mosquito repellent
    Why do lemon and carnation scare away mosquitoes, what kind of remedy to make with your own hands, how to make a bracelet, what are the contraindications?
    Calorie content of water with lemon
    How many calories does lemon water contain? How is this drink useful? How to consume water with citrus juice while dieting?
    Vitamin content in lemon
    Vitamin content in lemon. Useful properties of lemon. What is the calorie content of one lemon? How to consume citrus to get the most of the benefits?
    Lemon treatment for gallstones
    Does lemon help with gallstones? Folk recipes based on lemon juice. Is this treatment dangerous? In what cases is lemon treatment indicated?
    Growing lemon volcano
    Characteristics of the lemon Volcano. What features of the variety should be taken into account in the process of care and cultivation? Do I need to fertilize the crop?
    Reasons for curling lemon leaves
    Why do lemon leaves turn yellow, dry and curl? What do you need to know about this symptom? How to eliminate it safely for the plant?

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