The most common sheep breeds
    World wide widespread sheep breeds, their brief characteristics and performance indicators, features of the choice of lambs when buying.
    How many lambs a sheep brings per year depends on the characteristics of the breed, the quality of nutrition and the conditions of its keeping. Complications are rare during lambing.
    How to feed a lamb yourself
    How to feed a lamb if there is no mother? What do you need to know about the specifics of the animal's diet and what feeding schedule should be followed?
    Kuibyshev breed of sheep species description
    The Kuibyshev breed of sheep has become famous all over the world, thanks to the productivity and high quality of wool. An additional plus is the taste of meat and milk.
    Description of the mountain ram mouflon
    Mouflon is a special type of cloven-hoofed small animals. Its value is primarily in the incredibly beautiful skin and the special twisted shape of the horns.
    Australian merino
    The Australian merino belongs to the list of old farming families. For good performance, representatives of this breed require special care.

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