Dates of planting cabbage in 2019
    Favorable and unfavorable days for planting cabbage according to the lunar calendar. Planting depending on the variety and region. Seedling growing rules.
    How cabbage reacts to frost
    How compatible are cabbage and frost? What are the principles of hardening? What is the most comfortable growing temperature for the vegetable?
    Description of Dobrovodskaya cabbage
    Why is the Dobrovodskaya cabbage interesting to the gardener? What features are inherent in it? How picky is she in care and cultivation?
    Cabbage leaves curl
    Why do cabbage leaves curl? How to avoid twisting? How to deal with the problem and how dangerous is it for plant health?
    Rules for planting late cabbage in open ground
    How is late cabbage planting in open ground? What are the steps involved in the procedure? How to plant a vegetable correctly to get a good harvest?
    How to deal with a flea on cabbage
    For what reasons do fleas appear on cabbage? Signs of pests. Folk and chemical means of combating parasites.

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