Cows and bulls

    Features of a hornless cow
    What is unique about a hornless cow, apart from external differences from other types of animals? What is special about it and what features do specialists highlight?
    Causes of worms in bulls
    What is the reason for the appearance of worms in gobies? How serious is this problem and how to deal with the scourge correctly? Tips and tricks.
    How to trim cows' hooves
    Why do you need to trim hooves in cows, rules for trimming hooves, stages, a description of the process and subtleties of trimming hooves, a way to knock a cow to the ground.
    Description of the pygmy buffalo
    What can be interesting about a pygmy buffalo? What quality characteristic is it inherent in and what can experts tell about it?
    Krasnogorbatovskaya breed of cow
    The emergence and development of the Krasnogorbatovskaya breed of cows, use, appearance of the cow, features of keeping and feeding, productivity indicators.
    Dyspepsia in newborn calves
    Dyspepsia in calves, what symptoms occur with dyspepsia, correct treatment of dyspepsia in young animals, disease prevention, useful tips.

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