Autumn pruning of peonies - schemes and rules

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Every gardener knows that in order for a flower to bloom beautifully and give good disorder, it needs to be looked after. Planting a plant in a favorable place, removing weeds, fertilizing and pruning are a number of important manipulations. Consider how to properly prune peonies for the winter and when it is best to do it.

Autumn pruning of peonies - schemes and rules

Autumn pruning of peonies - schemes and rules

Autumn pruning goal

Pruning flowers involves removing old, dry and damaged leaves and stems.

Peonies are pruned several times per season. The first time in April, the second - after budding, and the last - in the fall.

The main purpose of pre-winter haircuts is to beautify the bushes. This is a guarantee that next year the plants will delight the owners with beautiful buds.

Procedure time

Often, gardeners carry out the procedure too early, which entails the death of the entire plant.

It is necessary to prune peonies in the autumn period only after they have faded (after 35-50 days), while the branches should completely sink to the ground.

In order to qualitatively prepare the bushes for wintering, it is important to choose the right timing.

  • Pruning in September can disrupt the natural process of photosynthesis, leading to slow flower growth and even plant death.
  • You should wait until the average daily temperature is 7-9 °, and the frost becomes constant. In such conditions, the flowers will go into a period of full dormancy.

Regional features

In outskirts of Moscow

It is important that the weather is dry outside, the soil should not be wet.

According to the calendar, pruning in this region takes place in late October or early November. The air temperature is 3-5 °.

In the Urals

Autumn pruning is carried out already at the end of September-mid-October, since it snows early here. During the procedure, the temperature should be above zero.

For the approach of frost, flowers should be prepared, dry and damaged leaves should be removed, the soil should be dried, garbage should be removed, and faded buds should be plucked.

In Siberia

The summer is short in this area, and the first frosts may appear as early as early September, so pruning should be done in advance6: at the end of August or in the first weeks of autumn.

In the Leningrad region

Autumn pruning of peonies in this region should be carried out by the end of October. At this time, they are sheltered for the winter.

Lunar dates

It is important to choose the right time for the procedure.

It is important to choose the right time for the procedure.

Experts have prepared a lunar calendar, which indicates suitable days. If you follow the recommendations, then caring for flowers will be easy and bring a lot of pleasure.

MonthAuspicious daysBad days



27-29 (preferably before 17:00 pm)




Octoberfrom 2 to 4 until 15:00;









21 and 22;

25 and 26

1 and 2;



Description of technology

There are two varieties - herbaceous and arboreal. They differ in shape, size, color, flowering time and tuber height.

When the peony has faded, buds develop, which will begin to bloom the next year (they form at the base of the plant).

When pruning, it is important not to remove all the foliage, but to leave 2-3 pieces.

Herbaceous species are cut at the root. But with tree-like ones, you need to be extremely careful: the ground part is not touched, the cut should be 2-3 cm higher than the bud, and the height of the stems should be at least 20 cm.

Features of pruning a tree variety

The older the tree peony, the more lush the bush. By the end of each season, the shoots do not die off; on the contrary, they grow, thereby giving the plant a spherical shape.

It should be cut strictly in autumn or early spring, before flowering. Only damaged, dry and weak stems need to be removed.

Young peonies are not completely cut off, experienced gardeners remove only a third of the bush.

If you want fewer flowers, then the buds located on top do not need to be touched.

It is necessary to cut the leaves only in the fall and only if the plant is sick.

To prevent the development of diseases, the culture is treated with copper oxychloride. The finished powder can be purchased at agricultural stores. The solution is made at the rate of 1 pack (40 g) per 10 liters of water.

Follow-up care

First of all, you should check the moisture level at the cut points. If they are too dry, then water generously.

Preparation for the winter involves feeding flowers with wood ash, bone meal, nitrogen and other minerals intended for this culture. In the future, peonies are covered using frame or frameless insulation methods.

Mistakes that gardeners make

In caring for peonies, some gardeners make a number of mistakes.

  1. Pruning immediately after flowering. It is necessary to wait for autumn - by this period the plant will gain strength and get stronger.
  2. They miss the favorable time for an autumn haircut. Untimely cut bushes can rot.
  3. Not everyone correctly covers flowers for the winter, especially for residents of the middle climatic zone. Spruce spruce branches, dry leaves, agrofibre, plastic wrap are used as insulation.
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