The benefits of seramis for orchids

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It is important for any plant to provide the most favorable growing conditions. The most important is the soil balanced with nutrients. This is Seramis for orchids.

The benefits of seramis for orchids

The benefits of seramis for orchids

Seramis composition

Seramis is a substitute for natural soil for orchids. The composition of such a product consists of 2/3 of clay and bark. The rest of the composition is occupied by useful trace elements - nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. This balance is ideal for most exotic flower varieties and is suitable for growing other plants such as lemons, cacti, palms and ficuses.

This soil has a granular shape. Small particles of granulate are able to absorb water introduced by humans for irrigation. Safe accumulation of moisture relieves the plant from the risk of root decay, and due to its lightness and shape, the roots are enriched with oxygen.

The substrate does not lose its properties, regardless of the period and operating conditions.

Orchid and seramis species

Seramis is a versatile granular primer for air-eating orchids. That is, it is suitable for epiphytic plants. Soil flower species take root in fertile soils, but with knowledge of the characteristics of the transplant, they can also be grown in a clay substrate.

Such a substrate from a German manufacturer is suitable for both Phalaenopsis and Wanda. Indoor flowers can grow on a granular substrate if fertile soil is mixed into it. And if desired, it can be used as an aquarium soil with the possibility of growing algae.

The benefits of Seramis for the plant

Granulate manufacturer Seramis has tried to make his product as effective as possible for growing plants. Small clay granules are light and porous. When watering flowers, excess moisture does not accumulate, but is absorbed by the substrate. That is, the granulate creates an ideal water-air balance, which is necessary for beautiful, but whimsical flowers to care for.

Due to the effect of dosing water on the roots of the plant, the need for regular watering of the orchid is reduced. Having planted an orchid in Seramis, the substrate is moistened once every 2-3 weeks, which is convenient for those who, for some reason, spend little time at home.

The convenience of use

Special primer for orchids

Special primer for orchids

Growing flowers in clay-wood granulate is suitable for both beginners and more experienced gardeners. Simplification of indoor flower care also applies to:

  1. Planting a plant. It can be produced at any time of the year.
  2. Fertilizers. The composition of the product, rich in useful microelements, allows the plant to develop actively without the need for frequent feeding. The soil itself is not capricious to the types of fertilizers. Both special mineral compositions Seramis and any other top dressing are suitable.
  3. Preventive measures against diseases and pests. Due to the nature of the granulate, the risk of fungal infections and pests is reduced.

Having decided to replace the usual fertile soil with such a granulate, you can use a moisture indicator. Such a device will tell a person when a flower needs watering or fertilization.

Product advantages and disadvantages

Like any product, Seramis has its own advantages and disadvantages. The only drawback is the high cost of the product. But it becomes justified by the duration of the operation of such a product. Plants can live in the ground for more than one year. And even after the death of the orchid, the granules can be reused by pre-calcining them in a pan.

Gardeners call Seramis one of the best planting substrates. Its advantages are:

  • a flower grown in such a substrate does not need periodic replacement of the soil;
  • the inability of the pot to leak, followed by contamination of the window sill and other surfaces (the substrate is poured into pots without drainage holes);
  • minimal exposure to mold and pests;
  • the ability to add black soil to the substrate.

The transplantation of the plant into the granulate also has its advantages. It can be carried out even without shaking the roots of the flower from the remnants of the earth. The plant will quickly take root in a new growing area.

Features of cultivation in Seramis

Transplanting a plant will not cause difficulties even for a beginner in gardening. All you need to do is prepare a new substrate, a pot or planter, a garden trowel and a moisture indicator. The transplant itself is carried out in several stages:

  1. The new pot is covered with 1/3 granulate.
  2. The plant is taken out of the old pot, the roots are gently shaken off.
  3. They are placed in a container with granulate, having previously examined for signs of diseases and pests. The affected roots are removed with garden shears.
  4. A moisture indicator is located at the roots of the plant.
  5. The roots of the flower are sprinkled with a layer of granules of 2-3 cm.


After transplanting, the plant must be watered. Recommended dispensing volume - ¼ new container. For the fastest plant engraftment to a new growing site, you can add complex fertilizer from the same manufacturer to the irrigation water. The recommended dosage is 1 cap per liter of water.

Caring for a plant planted in clay granulate does not differ from flowers growing in fertile soil. It is recommended to place a flower pot on the eastern side of the dwelling, taking care of its darkening. Favorable temperature - 20-22 ° С.

The moisture indicator placed in the pot will help the person to determine in advance the need for watering the flower. Red color indicates the need to moisturize the mixture, and blue indicates good water balance.


Seramis is a versatile primer for orchids. Its use has many benefits. The granular composition allows the roots of the flowers to breathe oxygen without hindrance, and when watering, all excess moisture is absorbed by the pores of the granules.

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