Features of growing Ghost orchids

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In the modern world, there are hybrid types of flowers that grow without problems at home. The ghost orchid is one such hybrid.

Features of growing Ghost orchids

Features of growing Ghost orchids

Description of the variety

The ghost orchid is a perennial epiphytic plant that grows without leaves, which is a feature of the flower. Orchids of this species are rare, therefore they have not become widespread among flower growers.

The lifespan of a ghost orchid is no more than a year.

The basis for the development of an orchid is its root system. Each root is airy. The thickness of the root processes does not exceed 5 mm.

The diameter of the peduncles is 25 cm. Flowers form on each peduncle. Their average diameter is 4 cm, and the distance between the upper and lower petals is 12-13 cm.

The shape of the flower is unusual. It consists of 3 petals (petals) and 3 setals (wax sepals). One of the petals has an increased size and forms a lip of 3 lobes, 2 of which hang down, resembling the legs of a frog.

During flowering, the flowers change color from white to pale green. The lip remains white. Gradually, it retracts and becomes like a spur filled with nectar.


Until recently, ghost orchids were called parasites. It turned out that this rare and unusual plant can be grown at home.

Florists should take into account that it is not easy to grow this type of orchid in your home, because the process requires a special approach.


When harvesting a ghost orchid from its natural environment, it is important not to damage the bark system. For this, not only the plant is removed, but also the area of ​​bark, moss and base on which the flower grows.

After the removed complex is fixed on the block and placed in the terrarium. Placed under it:

  • bark;
  • sphagnum moss;
  • charcoal;
  • Inert drainage material.


The plant must be fertilized and fed

The plant must be fertilized and fed

Proper care is to prevent diseases and pests.

Optimal conditions for a flower involve:

  • scattered light input;
  • maintaining humidity at 80%.
  • airing the terrarium.

In the cold season, the flower is protected. Temperature range:

  • 30 ° С-33 ° С during the day and 20 ° С-23 ° С at night in summer;
  • during the dormant period (late autumn-early spring), the daytime temperature is 25 ° С-26 ° С, and the nighttime temperature is 12 ° С-13 ° С.

Watering and feeding

Watering is carried out once a week with rain or melt water.

It is important to prevent drying out and excessive moisture of the root system. The roots should be moist, but not too wet.

Nutrition is combined with the irrigation process. Every third watering is supplemented with a dose of fertilizers. They are fed with special fertilizers for orchid or epiphytic.

The intensity of watering and feeding decreases during the dormant period of the plant.


The Ghost Orchid, also known as Linden's Dendrophylax or Ghost Orchid, is a rare and exotic plant. Its cultivation requires a special approach and scrupulousness.

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