Anderson's Tradescantia - content features
    Tradescantia Anderson has a high decorative effect and bright flowering. Description of the varieties. Care rules and breeding methods.
    Sedum false - ground cover plants for the garden
    Varieties of Sedum False, description of varieties. Necessary growing conditions. The subtleties of plant care. Reproduction methods. Diseases and pests.
    Sedum Karl - growing on a personal plot
    Description of sedum variety Karl. Features and difficulties of growing crops in the open field. Reproduction methods. use in landscaping
    Hoya Karnosa - rules of care and methods of reproduction
    Hoya carnosa is prized for its decorative flowering and beautiful foliage. Characteristics, varieties. Rules of care, maintenance. Reproduction methods.
    Sedum Burrito - all stages of care
    What does Sedum Burrito look like? Species characteristics of the plant. Features of growth and requirements for conditions of detention.
    Clematis Barbara Dibley - how to take care of a plant
    Clematis Barbara Dibley is valued for its good branching and bright flowering. Characteristics of the variety. Rules of care, landing. Reproduction methods.

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