Dried lime properties

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Dried limes, like fresh limes, have many health benefits. When used correctly, it is capable of supporting immunity.

Dried lime properties

Dried lime properties

Drying lime

When buying citrus fruits from the store, chances are that the peel contains wax and preservatives. In this case, remove the peel when drying the limes. The pulp is cut into slices 7 mm thick and dried until the cavities inside, filled with juice, disappear.

If you are confident that the peel of the lime is safe, rub the whole fruit. Also grate and dry it without pulp.

The benefits of lime

The benefits of dried lime are as follows:

  • is responsible for maintaining the ratio between the amount of water and salts entering and excreted from the body, puffiness does not occur;
  • carries out preventive measures and treats varicose veins;
  • improves condition during depression;
  • positively affects the functioning of the nervous system;
  • reduces irritation and nervousness;
  • activates metabolism;
  • brings sleep back to normal;
  • improves appetite;
  • normalizes digestion;
  • thanks to the abundance of acids and pectins, it removes harmful substances and toxins;
  • has a good effect on the capillary walls, they become strong;
  • is a part of face masks, means to combat age spots, freckles;
  • helps relieve inflammation from mosquito bites, skin irritations;
  • fruit acids affect hematopoiesis;
  • helps to fight toxicosis;
  • works well on the gums.

Calorie content of dried lime

The calorie content of dried lime per 100 g is 36 kcal. Dried citrus has a low calorie content, so it is used for snacks.

A 100 g serving of dried lime contains:

  • protein - 0.83 g;
  • carbohydrates - 4.1 g;
  • fats - 0.12 g.

Dried citrus does not lose its beneficial properties. It contains B vitamins, which have a positive effect on the work of the heart, on the activity of the skeletal system, hair, nails, blood vessels, and help the healthy functioning of the nervous system.


Luumi is used as a condiment

Luumi is used as a condiment

Luumi is called black dry lime, a special kind of spice common in Arab countries and the Middle East.

To prepare luumi in a solution of water and salt, boil the lime, dry it entirely in sunlight until the liquid is completely removed from the fruit.

When lime is dried, it darkens to a dark brown color. After drying, an acidic aftertaste remains in it, bitterness in a dry crust, a pleasant aroma is felt.


Luumi is ground in a mortar, added to local spices, to absa or baharat, can be applied without mixing with other spices. Dried lime is widely used in cooking as an acidifier with a special flavor.

Calorie content of kumquat

Kumquat has a scent like lime, has a sour taste that resembles the taste of tangerine, and has a sweet peel with bitterness. The fruit of the kumquat is consumed by the skin. The calorie content of dried kumquat is much higher than that of lime. In 100 g of dried fruit, it is 284 kcal.

Kumquat has more ascorbic acid than lime and lemon.

Citrus Chips

People who follow a healthy diet and lead a healthy lifestyle consume citrus chips in their diet.

Different types of citrus fruits are dried: tangerine, lime, lemon, orange, kumquat. The choice of fruit depends on your taste preference. Citrus fruits are washed under hot water with a brush.

Fruits, except for kumquat, are cut into 0.5 cm circles unpeeled. Lay out all the circles in one layer on a baking sheet with parchment paper.

The baking sheet is placed in the oven heated to 90 ° -100 ° C for 4 hours. Turn the baking sheet every hour to dry the fruit evenly. After 4 hours, the fruits are separated from the parchment, but not removed, they remain in the oven. After it cools down, the chips are taken out.

Lime harm

Lime has not only beneficial properties, its use also has contraindications:

  • high acidity of stomach juice;
  • ulcer of the stomach, intestines;
  • pancreatitis;
  • harmful effect on tooth enamel, if you do not rinse your mouth after taking dried fruit;
  • gastritis;
  • children under the age of 3 years;
  • during breastfeeding;
  • the presence of allergies or intolerances.


Dried lime supports the health of the human body. Dried citrus is used for medicinal and dietary purposes. Make sure there are no contraindications before use.

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