Description of the beneficial properties of lime

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Lime is a representative of citrus fruits, its homeland is the Malacca Peninsula in Southeast Asia, it gained great popularity in the Mediterranean and Latin America. The fruits of this tree are loved for their unique taste, and the beneficial properties of lime have been repeatedly confirmed by medicine.

Description of the beneficial properties of lime

Description of the beneficial properties of lime


The lime tree grows up to a maximum of 5 m. Small leaves form a beautiful dense crown, sometimes short spines form on the branches. The culture is prized primarily for its aromatic fruits.

They have an oval shape, small, outwardly differ from lemon in green color and thinner skin. The pulp is light green, sour and juicy, without seeds.

Beneficial features

Lime is good for health, so fresh fruits are recommended to be consumed in food.

It contains minerals (potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, thiamine, pectin, riboflavin). Lime contains vitamins A, B and C.

Benefits of Fresh Lime:

  1. It will help improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Pectin in citrus accumulates and removes toxic substances from the body.
  3. Prevents atherosclerosis, lowers cholesterol. With the help of vitamin C, collagen is formed, which is required to improve the elasticity of the skin.
  4. Calms the nervous system, improves mood and overall well-being. It becomes indispensable in the winter season for strengthening the immune system, makes the body stronger in the fight against viruses and bacteria.
  5. Acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. Used in the treatment of infectious diseases, tonsillitis, colds.
  6. It has a beneficial effect on the work of the digestive tract. Relieves stress-related bowel inflammation.
  7. Protects teeth from caries, removes harmful deposits, treats bleeding gums.

Citrus lovers can experiment with the fruit. When dried, lumi is obtained, and in dried form it is called kumquat. After that, the calorie content of the fruit increases.

The fruits are recommended to be consumed fresh.

The fruits are recommended to be consumed fresh.

Minerals can improve vital signs:

  • copper and iron control hemoglobin and cholesterol levels, prevent anemia and strengthen the musculoskeletal system and skin properties;
  • calcium is necessary for bones, hematopoietic system;
  • phosphates break down fats, carbohydrates, proteins, are useful for losing weight, store and transfer energy.

Zest is an excellent antibacterial and antiseptic agent. It is good for the stomach and intestines with its essential oils and fruit acids. Phytoncides, of which there are a large number of zest, help in the fight against seasonal colds.

The leaf extract is used in cooking (added to desserts, oil, included in spices), in cosmetology and perfumery. Their extraordinary aroma allows them to be used as a natural air purifier; in some countries, there are always several leaves in each house for this.

Features of use

Nutritional value: 30 kcal per 100 g.

It turned out that not only lemons help in losing weight.If you consume lime juice with water, you can get a tasty and healthy drink for women and girls, which speeds up metabolism and burns fats. In this case, weight loss occurs naturally, there are no contraindications.

Lime is beneficial for cosmetologists for its high content of vitamin C and citrus flavomides. Almost the extracts of all parts of the plant are included in a variety of cosmetics. A cream or essential oil will be good for your skin.

Deodorants reduce sweating while masking odor. It is also an excellent exfoliation agent.


This product will become harmful if you eat it in large quantities. There are also contraindications: acidity, peptic ulcer, gastritis, pancreatitis.

In this case, you should completely abandon the use. The chemical composition negatively affects the tooth enamel, dentists recommend rinsing the mouth after eating a meal or drink, which contains lime. It should be remembered that you cannot eat seeds in any form, they contain poison. We must not forget about the possibility of an allergic reaction when lime protein enters the body.


Lime is a unique and healthy fruit, a real storehouse of vitamins for humans. Found application in cooking, food industry, medicine, cosmetology and perfumery.

Every year it becomes more and more popular to use it with health benefits, people have become more likely to include it in their diet, in methods of healing and preventing diseases, methods of losing weight.

You need to use it in moderation so as not to harm.

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