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The domestic goat is rightfully considered one of the oldest animals. For over a thousand years people have been using its milk, meat and wool. In the past, the animal was wild, but then it was tamed and domesticated. But in a large variety of breeds, the Myotonic ones, which are popularly called swoon goats, deserve special attention. I wonder why? The fact is that, experiencing fear or nervous stress, the animal immediately loses consciousness.

Fainting goat

Fainting goat

How did it begin?

The history of the breed begins in distant America. Back in 1880, a Texas farmer brought four goats out of nowhere and offered them to a neighbor. He willingly agreed and definitely did not regret it. This was the first experience in breeding outlandish goats.

After so many years, this variety is still popular in the United States and is successfully used in the agricultural industry. True, today the swooning goat is on the verge of extinction and now its content is more decorative than practical.

Incomprehensible feature

The breed has become domestic and very interesting for scientists who cannot fully study this phenomenon. Yes, they know that fainting is a consequence of a genetic disease that is inherited and manifests itself in every second generation. But what caused the mutation and the myotonia themselves is not clear. In addition, attempts to breed representatives of this rare species with others lead to one result - the appearance of goats that are prone to fainting.

In order to prevent the extinction of unique animals, an international organization for the protection of myotonic goats was registered in 1989. They set themselves two tasks: to save the population and to clearly define the standards of the species, in accordance with which they can be breeding.

Causes of loss of consciousness

All experiences end in fainting

All experiences end in fainting

A gene mutation that causes short-term paralysis of the limbs under certain circumstances makes it impossible for an individual to move for a few seconds. The goat falls on its back or on its side, and after a while, it gets back on its feet, as if nothing had happened.

What provokes strange seizures? There are several main reasons:

  • the appearance of your favorite food in large quantities;
  • sympathy for the opposite sex;
  • fear of a predator or other danger;
  • fright from a vehicle driving by at high speed;
  • fear of an aggressive person.

Simply put, any strong experience, and the goat faints. Is it dangerous for the animal? Directly - no. They do not understand what is happening to them, although at the time of the fall they are conscious. It's just that a sudden loss of muscle control can happen anywhere and anytime, which means the landing will be on a variety of objects. And this is fraught with health risks. And, indeed, they have injuries and bruises. Especially if the animal falls right on the run, tumbling and turning over. But what is not clear is that no serious injuries have yet been recorded with any of the goats.This means that the breed is miraculously protected from the consequences. This is another mystery for inquisitive, learned minds. Whether they will find the answers - who knows, but they definitely have something to think about.

Appearance matters

At home, a swoon goat is called a wooden, and less often - a nervous and stiff leg. Outwardly, it is quite impressive in size. Surpasses its counterparts in volumes by 40 percent. It reaches a height of almost 70 cm, and its weight ranges from 70 kg in females to about 100 kg in males. And this is definitely one of the main reasons to breed them. The breed is considered more meat than dairy, and the taste of meat is legendary. Outwardly, it is distinguished by a flat profile and large eyes on the roll-out.

Her coat, both long and short, is valued for its excellent quality, and the most popular color is black and white, and only in rare cases is it different. A calm disposition with laziness adds popularity to the mind, because it simplifies care and maintenance. Other goats are more mobile and constantly strive to break free from their places of detention and are not allowed to be milked and sheared. But not a swooning goat. Livestock breeders are pleased to note her complaisance and meekness. So there is no particular trouble with her.

Violent Texas farmers came up with a trick and began to use the peculiarity of the breed for their own purposes. One Myotonic goat is raised for the whole herd. What for? Everything is trite and simple. Seeing the danger to life in the face of a predator, the animal paralyzes, and it falls to the ground. The rest scatter in different directions, and in the meantime, while the "bait" is fainting, a wolf approaches it unhindered. A ready victim distracts, and makes it unnecessary to run further. So it is possible to save a large herd at the cost of the life of one individual. It sounds bloodthirsty, but this practice takes place and is considered a beneficial way to protect large numbers of individuals by losing only one.

Faint goats, despite their rarity and unusualness, are still the same ordinary pets. What caused the disruption in the genes and why it is so strong that it is invincible even by selection - science does not yet know. But is this the main thing? The unpretentiousness and high taste of meat are the main thing in them. And even if no one ever knows the nature of the phenomenon, the main thing is to preserve the species for future generations. Let them be surprised and moved, continuing the baton of breeding and preserving the population.

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