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Getting milk from your horned pets is sometimes quite problematic. All due to the fact that pets do not want to stand calmly and endure, especially if they are young. This is where a goat milking machine can help. This design was created in order to secure the pet and immobilize it, this greatly facilitates the process of collecting milk. Today you can buy a milking machine, but it is relatively expensive, and you can make a machine for milking goats with your own hands.

Goat milking machine

Goat milking machine

Why do you need a machine?

A goat milking machine is a must, especially useful for people who keep large livestock, especially if you have more than ten head of livestock. A goat milking machine can solve a lot of problems with the milking process.

  1. When the goat is fixed to the machine, it will not be able to kick, which means the chance that the bowl or bucket of milk will turn over will decrease, or rather, this will not happen at all.
  2. The design provides for the moment that the milker must have a comfortable posture and angle to collect milk.
  3. Without much effort, it will be possible to connect the milking machine if the whole structure is ready and working on the basis of automation.
  4. In addition, with the help of this apparatus, you can not only milk the goat, but also carry out "cosmetic" procedures for her: wash the udder, remove the hair around it, file and trim the hooves without creating any stress for the animal.

Young cattle, which were not previously accustomed to the milking machine, will first have to be forced into the milking parlor, over time the goat will get used to it and will calmly enter. Experts say that in order for the pet to quickly get used to being led into an unprecedented structure, it is best to force it and leave it in it for at least 10 minutes, and only then start milking. Also, while the goat is in the "stall", do not move away from him. Be close at all times, you can stroke them and speak in a low voice so that the goat quickly adapts.

Machine features

The goat milking parlor consists of one pen, so the goats will have to be fed one at a time. It often happens that, due to their activity, goats turn over a bowl or a bucket of milk, and sometimes it happens that they do this on purpose, ostensibly to show that they can be milked only when they want to. It is thanks to the goat milking machine that you can avoid all these problems, protect yourself and your pet from problems or possible injuries. A video review of a goat milking machine gives you the opportunity to see all the possibilities of this design.

The main task of the machine is to clamp the jumper's neck in order to fix it and so that it does not twitch and cannot escape. The design is designed so that the goat will be on a hill and thus the milking machine will be able to choose a comfortable position for milking. When there are a lot of livestock on the farm, the farmer gets very tired, especially if he constantly sits in a bent position.The goat milking machine has a parapet, thanks to which the person himself chooses the position and angle to conveniently collect milk from the goat. For fasteners, you need to use an exceptionally soft material so as not to harm your pet.

The design itself is based on 4 or 6 legs. In order for the pet to not be injured during milk collection, a non-slip base for the floor is needed. In front of the structure there is a fastener for the head, and in the back there is a footrest so that the pet can get up well. If you wish, you can add a cage on the goat milking machine so that the goat has a fence everywhere. In front of the structure itself, fix the animal feeder, where food should always be.

Primary requirements

The machine can be made by hand

The machine can be made by hand

Building a do-it-yourself goat milking machine is not a difficult task, you will need to acquire some equipment for this.

  1. The flooring, which will be located on 4 or 6 legs, the number of legs depends only on your desire. And as mentioned earlier, the flooring should not be slippery so that the animal cannot be injured.
  2. A system that will securely but gently hold the goat's head.
  3. Any step so that the pet can easily climb onto the structure.
  4. Optionally, you can build a cage in order to fix the animal so that it cannot move. This will keep both the animal and the milker safe.
  5. And a feeder so that the animal enjoys the process and can distract from the procedure with food.

How to make a structure?

Many farmers and newbies are wondering how to make a goat milking machine. In fact, it is a very lightweight system to build. You just need to stock up on the necessary tools and know the main rules.

Sometimes there may be difficulties in assembling the structure, but, as a rule, they are very easy to solve. Usually problems arise when the wrong materials and the wrong size are selected. To avoid this, correctly and carefully select all the foundations for the design. You will need:

  • the first and most important thing that is needed is the base, the legs: there can be four or six, the size depends on you, but at least their size should start from 30 centimeters;
  • butt - two pieces;
  • two sides to secure the animal;
  • bars two pieces;
  • for flooring, three boards are needed, covered with a material that does not slip;
  • two risers from 50 centimeters;
  • a part that can connect the walls and risers;
  • and two slats for fixing.

Assembling and connecting the structure

The first thing to do is to attach the two legs to the base of the butt so that they are flush with the top of the end, and do the same with the other end. Attach carefully to keep the legs stable and level. The neck of the animal must always be firmly secured.

Then these two parts must be fastened together with the side part, the bars must be installed perpendicular to the ends. It is necessary to retreat from the end by thirty to forty centimeters. And the corners of the base should be perfectly even and smooth. Then a structure should be made that should hold the goat during the fence. To do this, you will need to take two racks and the same number of rails, and fix them. The process itself is much more difficult than the usual assembly, so it would be better to find a blueprint.

The milking machine can be made portable or completely stationary, everything will depend on the conditions and needs of the farmer. Then it will be possible to alter the machine and improve it. The main thing is to create a structure that is safe for the milker and the goat. It will not be difficult for you to make the structure itself, you need to choose everything correctly and connect it. How to make a high-quality machine, you can watch the video, this is a very simple way.

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