Is it dangerous to keep an orchid at home

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Orchid is a beautiful, delicate flower that symbolizes tenderness and love, is able to determine the true thoughts of your interlocutor. You need to keep an orchid at home in a certain place so that it does not take positive energy.

Orchid in the house

Orchid in the house

Negative side

Signs say that phalaenopsis belongs to a number of flowers-energy vampires (it absorbs the vitality and energy of the environment: another plant, animal or person can be a donor).

The ability of phalaenopsis to draw energy in the people is explained by the presence of pollen in the inflorescences, which has the ability to dull human reflexes, catch up with sleep, drowsiness.

Phalaenopsis is a plant with feminine energy, so this gorgeous flower is not suitable for decorating a male bedroom. The orchid has a positive effect on the female body: it increases their self-esteem, confidence, attractiveness, charm, femininity.

It is widely believed that phalaenospis feeds on male energy, their masculinity begins to fade over time. In this regard, keeping an orchid at home where a man lives is harmful.

If it is difficult to part with your favorite flower, then it is advisable to move it from the bedroom to the living room, because contact with it during sleep negatively affects the aura.

At night, energy vampirism is exacerbated, and the orchid takes all the energy from a person. You can keep orchids at home only in rooms where no one sleeps.

Positive traits

Despite the controversial nature of the orchid, it really has positive qualities that can improve and enrich human life.

  1. Miltonia is the strongest female talisman that will help reveal the multifaceted personality of a girl, find a hobby, and also tune in to a creative mood. In order for a flower to have a beneficial effect, you need to create all the conditions it needs for growth and development, learn how to properly care for it at home. If the plant gets sick through your fault, it will take revenge on you, catching up with illnesses and problems in your personal life.
  2. A big plus for the owners of Phalaenospice will be its ability to return youth, former health, and improve mood.
  3. The flower is a talisman, a keeper of the hearth. A distinctive feature is the ability to unravel hidden thoughts, to recognize lies. If there is a person in your apartment, which negatively affects you, the plant will immediately solve this problem. Ill-wishers, upon eye contact with a flower, feel dizziness, fatigue, and increased anxiety.

Orchid signs

Purple flower will help fight laziness

Purple flower will help fight laziness

The positive qualities of a plant change depending on its color, therefore, when choosing a green friend in an apartment, pay attention to its colors, because unwanted changes in life can only upset you.

  1. Red / purple - fighting laziness. This color increases willpower, brings you closer to the goal, motivates for new accomplishments.People who like to postpone everything until tomorrow, it is better to keep a red copy at home.
  2. Yellow - increased wealth. This color will help solve financial problems and move up the career ladder.
  3. Orange - replenishment of vital energy. People who feel a lack of energy, deteriorating mood, health problems should put an orange flower at home. This color fills everything around with positive energy.
  4. With deep depression, apathy, melancholy, you cannot let everything go by itself. It is necessary to have a white or pink flower at home. They will help cleanse your aura, restore peace of mind, and bring more light and positive moments into your daily routine. It is necessary to grow pink orchids in order to revive femininity, attractiveness. The contact of young girls with such a plant contributes to the development of their charm.

Signs of a positive nature will only work if you provide the necessary conditions: care, care and love.

Location selection

It is important to understand that the influence of a flower on your life depends on its location. To reduce the risk of negative consequences of contact, to bring new feelings, emotions into your life, you need to put flower pots strictly according to Feng Shui:

  1. Phalaenopsis in the southeast is a magnet for prosperity and success. This arrangement is well suited for office space, a workplace.
  2. Location on the southwest window of the house - the revival of former relationships, the acquisition of harmony and understanding in the family circle. Color - red.
  3. The eastern location in the house will ensure a speedy recovery, improve overall health indicators, and improve mood. Do not place in the bedroom (the opposite effect is possible).
  4. The flowerpot in the north of the room is a sign of a business person. The presence of such a flower in the office will favorably influence the progress of business, accelerate the growth of material condition, help to find out the whole truth about your team / future employee, investor.
  5. Northwest location will benefit your relationships with family members, friends, relatives.

Even if you choose a suitable location for the color, but forget to take care of the flower, the orchid becomes harmful to the home atmosphere.


Phalaenopsis is a beautiful plant that is a symbol of purity, elegance, harmony and balance. There are many signs regarding phalaenopsis, they are based on the personal experience of our ancestors, so when buying such a flower, pay attention to superstitions.

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