Application of Aktara for orchids

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Orchid Aktara is an indispensable tool in pest control. A broad-spectrum drug is used for many varieties of indoor plants.

Application of Aktara for orchids

Application of Aktara for orchids

Chemical composition and properties

Aktara belongs to insecticidal chemicals belonging to the group of neonicotinoids. The main active ingredient is thiamethoxam (up to ¼ of the total composition).

Has a wide range of applications, affecting different types of pests of indoor plants. Recommended for use against the appearance on phalaenopsis:

  • spider mite,
  • mushroom mosquitoes,
  • mealy worm,
  • scabbards,
  • aphids,
  • flat beetles,
  • thrips.

Aktara has the same effectiveness when applied both by adding to the substrate and when spraying a flower.

Operating principle

It is absorbed into the root system, getting through the vascular system along with food and water into the leaves. Distributed into cells within 12 hours after application. In 1-3 days it reaches the upper vegetative parts of the flower. Affects nicotinoacetylcholine receptors of the nervous system of insects and their larvae when ingested.

Compatible with other preparations stimulating the growth of flowers and other fungicidal and insecticidal agents. Cannot be used in conjunction with substances capable of alkaline reactions.

Remains effective for 2-8 weeks, including when spraying - 2-4 weeks, when watering - 6-8 weeks.

Aktara acts on the receptors of the nervous system of insects and their larvae

Aktara acts on the receptors of the nervous system of insects and their larvae


Has a number of advantages when applied to orchids and other indoor and garden flowers:

  • has increased biological activity;
  • resistant to moisture;
  • economical because used in small dosages;
  • does not cause addiction in insects, therefore it is permissible for them to process orchids repeatedly;
  • fast-acting agent;
  • applicable in emergency cases;
  • has a long-term effectiveness.

Release form and degree of danger

For domestic use, the main forms of release are available:

  • liquid concentrated suspension with a volume of 250 ml,
  • ready-made working solution with a volume of 1 l and bottles of 9 ml,
  • water-dispersible granules in packs of 4 g and 250 g.

It belongs to the third class of danger and requires the use of personal protective equipment when working with it. It is recommended to plant and process flowers outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. There was an increased toxicity of the preparation for bees and an average toxicity for birds, fish and worms.

Dosage and administration


To treat the orchid and the substrate with Aktara, released in the form of a granular powder, according to the instructions, it must be diluted at the rate of:

  • 4 g of a chemical per 5 liters of water to spray the plant or water it at the root in the fight against pests that have appeared - aphids, thrips, scale insects,
  • 1 g of the product per 10 liters of water to water the flower for preventive purposes and to cure the emerging soil flies and mushroom mosquitoes.

The dosage of Aktara for orchids during secondary processing is increased, increasing the concentration up to 20 times.

You need to process the orchid according to the instructions.

You need to process the orchid according to the instructions.

In case of massive damage to the orchid by insects, it is recommended to treat the substrate with Aktara at the same time by watering and the vegetative parts of the orchid by spraying. In this case, it is permissible to dilute the working solution with a high concentration, at the rate of 4 g of the product per 1 liter of water.

To treat flowers with liquid Aktara, the proportions for the working fluid, in which the instructions recommend diluting the suspension in order to water the plants at the root, are 1 ml per 10 liters of water.

Application scheme

Dilute the chemical according to the instructions with warm water at a temperature of 25 ° C. A solution with Aktara for the treatment of orchids is prepared immediately before its use. Unused drug is not subject to storage.

In the spraying process, sprayers are used. Before using Aktara, do not water the orchid, because watering reduces the effectiveness of the effect of the active substance on the roots of the plant. Treatment against thrips, aphids and scale insects must be repeated.

It is possible to use it for preventive purposes before transplanting, if you soak phalaenopsis in a solution with Aktara, which makes it possible for the plant to get stronger, take root faster and increase resistance against pests.


Aktara is an easy-to-use drug that can be used not only by experienced flower growers, but also by amateur beginners.

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