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People who have a summer cottage or small farm often breed animals. The keeping of rabbits has become especially popular lately. Before building a rabbit farm, you should know that the profit from this activity directly depends on the environment in which the pets will be. That's why you need to get special cages or make sheds for rabbits.

DIY rabbit sheds

DIY rabbit sheds


Rabbit houses should be like this:

  • enclosures, closed or open;
  • cells;
  • sheds.

Very often, rabbits are kept in open-air cages. Such a house is allowed if the country in which the farmers live has an even climate without sudden changes in temperature. Such conditions are needed to bring the animal closer to its usual habitat. They will feel great, will be active, and the owner will not have to clean up the cage often.

Choosing a room for rabbits

Choosing a room for rabbits

You can also connect the cage and the aviary. Thus, the animal will be warm in winter and not hot in summer. The cage is very comfortable for the life of rabbits. There is a lot of space in it, and therefore it is easy to clean and convenient to feed the animals there.

Excellent conditions can really be achieved if you build sheds for rabbits. You can create large houses with 2-3 floors.

Rules for breeding rabbits in sheds

The rabbit shed is a small structure with a roof. Houses with a two-way entrance are built under it. Almost always, the shed house is placed in several tiers, but there are also 3-tier ones. The lower houses must not stand on the ground. The spacing between the floor and the house should be 60 cm

Shed can be made by hand. For this, wood or metal is usually used. Also, the parameters of the cells are made differently. Small rabbits can build a small shed, but adults will be more comfortable living in larger houses. In the classic shed for rabbits, a separate settlement is set up for females and males, as well as growing cubs.

Almost always, a simple shed construction is 60 m long and 3 m wide. It can hold about 500 large rabbits. It will not be difficult to build such a building with your own hands. On special farms, in which rabbits are constantly raised, harvesting and feeding is carried out automatically. The only thing left to do is to monitor the farm and carry out maintenance. At home farms and dachas, the economy is not so large compared to industrial ones, so you can make a shed for rabbits with your own hands.

The positive aspects of do-it-yourself rabbits sheds:

  • an increase in the profit and productivity of the farm from the correct construction;
  • you will have to work with your hands less;
  • convenient use of space;
  • convenience and comfort;
  • placing animals separately from each other: keeping large rabbits separately from children;
  • the ability to create good conditions for rabbits, protect them from sun exposure;
  • maintaining the correct temperature.

Internal arrangement of sheds

The shed is equipped with feeders and drinkers. In order to reduce the strain on the hands, automatic drinkers can be installed.These feeders are filled with food once every few months. Their use is convenient and does not take a lot of energy.

It is advisable to use auto-drinkers for rabbits only in summer, in winter it is advisable to give warm water.

Be sure to attach special lamps to the shed so that you can maintain the temperature.

Preparatory stage

To start building, you need to decide on the dimensions for the cells and prepare the drawings in advance. For one rabbit, a platform of at least 0.17-0.23 cubic meters is needed. m. For breeding rabbit - not less than 0.10 cubic meters. m.The size of the cage should be at least 60 cm in length for small pets, and for adults - at least 90-100 cm.The width - 60-80 cm, height - 40 cm.

The material for making the shed should consist of galvanized mesh, as well as boxes with dimensions of 25 * 25 or 16 * 48 mm.

Do not put metal floors: firstly, they will make rabbits cold, and secondly, animals can be injured. The floor is built of wood or plywood.

The houses should have drawers for easy cleaning.

We build sheds for pets ourselves

Making a shed for rabbits with your own hands is not difficult. To do this, you need to buy or build your own cells and put them on 2 floors. There should be a passage of about 1.5-2 m between the houses.

Material is selected depending on the construction time. The houses can be made warm or cool.

Before starting construction with your own hands, drawings are made. Everything is indicated in them in detail, even the smallest details are taken into account.

Construction begins with the preparation of the material needed for work. To do this, you will need boards, wooden slats, slate, galvanized mesh.

DIY construction of a shed

DIY construction of a shed

You will have to use the following tools:

  • saw for cutting wood;
  • saw for cutting metal;
  • net scissors;
  • nails and screws;
  • glue and level;
  • centimeter and screwdriver.

Take wood planks and build a base. We attach it to nails and glue. Take a level and check that the sheds are even. Any unevenness and the pet house will not be stable. The bottom is made of slats, they are fastened so that they are at a distance of 1-1.5 cm from each other. Next, you need to attach metal nets, which must be prepared in advance. They are needed so that there are doors in the cage, then locks are attached to them. According to this scheme, the required number of cells is preliminarily built, which will then be collected in tiers.

You need to install a drinking bowl and a feeder in each house. You can build them yourself or buy them in special stores.

Blueprints are not discarded until they are completed, if something suddenly goes wrong. After everything is assembled and installed, a canopy is attached to the sheds. It can be made of metal or polymer, which will protect animals from water and bad weather. It will be good if the canopy is located at a slight angle so that rain does not fall into the cages of the animals.

The floor in the houses is concreted or tiled. Pipes are placed under the tiles, which will remove waste from the cells. In the summer, the shed can be left uncovered; it will be enough to cover it with foil to protect the rabbits from strong winds. But for the winter, of course, the cells should be insulated. It is great if the structure will have additional space for storing feed and hay.

Let's summarize

Hand-built sheds are increasingly being used on farms. Gradually, such designs are updated with new ideas and ideas. Drawings are drawn more and more difficult to create excellent living conditions for pets with their own hands.

Building a shed with your own hands is a big step forward, having made it you can learn a wonderful experience and at the same time get the opportunity to increase your farm, and, accordingly, profit.

Rabbit breeding

Rabbit breeding

Many people began to make such designs with their own hands. They post photos of their houses on the Internet so that other farmers can follow their example.

It is very important to get acquainted with the photo, how to draw the drawings correctly. The review will not take much time, but it will be easy to understand what is being done and how.

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