Industrial rabbit cage device

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Rabbit breeding is considered profitable and popular. Now, thanks to rabbit meat and skin, you can improve your financial situation or even start your own business. However, in order to create the necessary conditions for keeping animals, a quality house should be provided. Industrial rabbit cages are in great demand among rabbit breeders. The main difference between such structures and ordinary homemade ones is not only the price, but also the best functionality.

Rabbit cages

Rabbit cages

Benefits and features

Many people compare hand-made cages and professional designs for rabbits. Doing this is not entirely correct, because ordinary rabbit houses are not built according to strict criteria and are based not on drawings, but on notes on paper.

A self-made structure of this kind does not need special materials: the use of bars, mesh, slats and other improvised means that do not always provide comfort are suitable.

Commercial rabbit cages are considered more comfortable and healthy. Such houses have a number of features, including:

  • receipt for sale in an already made form;
  • arrangement with retractable feces trays, built-in feeders, drinkers and hay nursery;
  • small weight and size of cells - structures are easy to move and carry;
  • stability and durability of materials, which allows rabbits not to be in a state of stress and calmly consume food;
  • made of stainless steel or equipped with galvanized wires.

For the construction of industrial cells with your own hands, you will need special building materials, the purchase of which is cheaper than purchasing a ready-made house.

Okrol model

The construction "Okrol" for keeping rabbits is quite popular and functional. Firstly, it is convenient to use, and secondly, it is suitable for growing both adults and young animals: young animals and experienced rabbits will feel equally confident. This type of model is often used by large-scale farmers.

Main design features:

  • The presence of 2 tiers, each of which has a certain number of departments. The lower tier contains 12, where partitions with queen cells are inserted, and the upper tier - 16, where rabbits are raised.
  • The presence of special convenient feeders that prevent raking out food. The feeder is perforated to completely eliminate dirt and dust.
  • Galvanized material of manufacture and fastening with metal racks, thanks to which you can not be afraid of the fragility of the cells. One cell row contains about 20 rooms, each measuring 2 x 2.4 m.
Rabbit cages

Rabbit cages

Okrol is suitable for industrial use and general household use. Despite its compactness, it accommodates a lot of individuals.To keep rabbits successful, it is important to maintain a temperature of 12 ° C.

Construction "Practice FR-231"

The two-tiered type of house, which is known to every farmer, is often found both among owners of large farms and on mini-farms. Drawings of cells of such a plan are quite complex for homemade construction. The house is equipped with 12 nests in the lower level and 6 in the upper one. If there is a desire to expand the animal business and economy, then an additional installation of 6 more nests is possible, which will triple the number of queen cells. When using the model for the purpose of fattening, the number of individuals is increased to 85-90 pieces and they are evenly distributed at each of the levels.

The peculiarity of keeping in a modular FR design is a possible change of configuration, which is influenced by the stage of the process of the livestock located there. Each individual section is complemented by a convenient and functional spring-loaded cover. Its main purpose is to facilitate access to boxing. Semi-industrial FR designs are ideal for small and large farms, as they require a minimum of maintenance and effort.

The advantages of the Zolotukhin model

Making cages using the Zolotukhin method is common and popular among farmers who prefer home-made options for premises. The design is efficient for industrial purposes, compactness, the presence of several tiers. Drawings are simple, therefore self-construction does not require a lot of effort and construction professional skills. Having a great desire and a centimeter at hand, you can build a comfortable and spacious structure in a few days.

Cell model according to Zolotukhin

Cell model according to Zolotukhin

It is Zolotukhin's models that are in demand among beginners in keeping rabbits and among owners of small farms. It is more expedient to use the cage for keeping young individuals. Rabbit houses of Zolotukhin are small in size and a lot of features, including the absence of a nesting department (some consider the factor a disadvantage, because this forces the female to make a nest on the floor on her own).

Most farmers prove in practice that this does not interfere with breeding in any way. Built-in tipping tray with free access to cleaning, sloping floor, multiple tiers of different sizes for the correct distribution of animal waste and a comfortable life for rabbits living on the lower tiers. To use industrial models of Zolotukhin, a minimum of cost and effort will be required.

Cell characteristics according to Mikhailov

The special design according to the Mikhailov method allows you to minimize the care of animals and to refuel the feeders just a couple of times every 7 days. The function of the built-in container is to automatically clean and dispense water and food.

The main feature of the cage is a cone-shaped shaft, which receives any excretions and excrements and directs them to a sealed container. It is because of this that the rabbit houses are always clean and comfortable. Despite the compact size of the "farm", it is a high-performance unit designed for intensive rearing of rabbits. The premises are suitable for more efficient breeding.

Description of the cell according to Mikhailov

Description of the cell according to Mikhailov

The main characteristic features of the model include:

  • automatic heating of water in containers even in cold seasons;
  • ensuring work with offspring without irritating the uterus;
  • the presence of 3 tiers and several rows with cages: the upper tier is needed for growing, the second - for drinking and feeding, the northern side is insulated, and the southern side is opened for free flow of air and light;
  • the slatted lattice covering the bottom of the house allows the droppings to fall into the desired container;
  • the presence of a sloped ceiling.

The mini-farm is used by professional breeders, state and collective farms, because only half an hour a week is enough for quality care. Each cell can freely contain from 20 to 25 heads.

Commercial rabbit breeding cages have been found to have many benefits and provide the animals with a comfortable life. The main difference between industrial rabbit houses is their spaciousness and functionality. You can find a cheaper and more suitable option by examining the main characteristics of popular designs.

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