Interesting facts about rabbits

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When breeding any kind of animals, you definitely need to learn everything about them. For example, if we are talking about rabbits (and these are one of the most popular pets), the main reason for their popularity can be called friendliness and ease of breeding. Although there are over 150 species of them in the world, there are general and very interesting facts. So, all the fun about rabbits in this article.

Interesting facts about rabbits

Interesting facts about rabbits

Personal care

The animals are extremely clean, which is reflected in the daily washing procedures. They do this at least 5 times a day and do not require additional bathing.

Sometimes rabbits give off an unpleasant odor. This indicates that it is necessary to clean the paraanal glands, where excess secretion accumulates over time. The owner should simply wet them with boiled water and carefully, but gently wipe with a napkin.

But hygiene products created for other pets (cats and dogs), which include flea shampoos, are extremely dangerous for rabbits due to their toxicity.

Under human supervision, pussies live much longer than in their natural range. On average, this figure is from 8 to 10 years. There are also individuals that live up to 15 years. And the record was set by an animal that has lived for 19 years!

Unusual abilities

Rabbits are very jumpy and easily overcome a height of 1 m, and the longest of the recorded jumps is considered to be 3 meters.

Unusual abilities of rabbits

Unusual abilities of rabbits

Some breeds reach puberty at 3 months of age.

Babies are born with closed eyes and no fur. The most fragile organ is the spine, which forces the owner to be extremely attentive and careful with the pet.

There is a record that recorded the simultaneous birth of 24 rabbits at once.

Interesting facts about rabbits say that only the pads on the hind legs and nothing else sweat in the eared ones, and also, if the front paws have 5 fingers, then the hind legs have 4 each.

Rabbits and hares

The stereotype that a hare and a rabbit are practically the same thing has no basis. In fact, the wild Western European rabbit became the progenitor of domestic breeds.

Officially, the animals belong to the lagomorph family, but they even differ in their way of living in groups, and not alone. Hares even run faster: their speed approaches 75 km / h, while the rabbit run reaches a speed of only 56 km / h.

Surprise and only

Interesting facts about domestic rabbits will be discussed in more detail below.

  1. It has also been proven that eared animals are intelligent and resourceful animals. This is manifested in the ability to open the lock on the cage and in the way they begin to make noise, hinting at hunger.
  2. The rate of contraction of the heart muscle is from 130 to 325 beats per minute, it can simply stop from fear.
  3. The good nature and affection of rabbits captivates and extends not only to the owners, but also to other domestic animals. Experts recommend keeping at least 2 animals at the same time.
  4. Everyone knows that they are herbivores, but they prefer to eat at night, and, feeling threatened, they become very aggressive.
  5. Their body temperature is higher than that of a person, normally - 38-39 ° C.
  6. The health of furry pets depends on the cleanliness of the cages and the availability of drinking water, which they need to be provided daily. If the diet is enriched with vegetables, then the need for water decreases, but the water in the cells must be constant.
  7. Eared teeth grow throughout life. When rabbits gnash with them, they make purring sounds.
  8. Different species have different ear lengths, but officially the longest was 75 cm. Each ear turns independently of the other.

What else is interesting

The maximum possible weight is 25 kg, and the smallest of the registered ones is 450 g. Domestic individuals that are not adapted to the conditions of the wild will die without the usual care, so it is necessary to ensure that they cannot escape.

Rabbits have a great appetite and can eat the size of a large pillow at a time. For the normal development of the skeletal system, fluffy animals vitally need vitamin D. But they do not suffer from the fact that they are rarely in the sun, since nature has taken care of its production in the animal's body. He is focused on the ears. That is why, after washing, the rabbits lick their paws.

Rabbits need gentle care

Rabbits need gentle care

They are smart and react to their name, and when they see the owner, they rise on their hind legs. The view of the animal is 360 ° C, and the rotational movement of the head is a way to estimate the distance. It is risky to drive the animal into a corner, because for protection it will certainly use its main weapon - a powerful blow with its hind legs.

If for Europe the rabbit is the third most popular in the ranking of pets, then Australia suffers from their invasion and, in order to somehow stop their spread across the territory, builds special fences in places of mass concentration of rabbits. Another measure of protection against them was the prohibition on breeding and keeping.

Females have an interesting ability to bear two offspring at once from different males. All thanks to the specific structure of the genital organ - the bifurcation of the uterus.


Interesting facts about domestic rabbits are many and varied. Every day there are more and more organizations that bring people information about cute animals. But, despite their cute appearance and affectionate disposition, there are still those who treat them cruelly and do not provide appropriate care. But the needs of the animals are low and, in order to breed them, it does not take much time and effort.

These cute creatures seek human contact and need warmth and affection. By showing concern, you can get a loyal friend in return.

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