Making a hammock for a ferret yourself
    A ferret hammock can be sewn using a classic pattern or made in an alternative way, taking into account the needs of the pet and the recommendations of the breeders.
    How to catch a wild ferret and how to get rid of it correctly
    How to catch a wild ferret in a chicken coop without risking the birds? A reliable method is to use specialized and homemade predator traps.
    Feeding ferrets
    How to feed ferrets with fodder and minced meat correctly, what can and cannot be given to animals, a sample menu for every day, useful tips for farmers.
    How to choose a ferret based on its price
    How much can a decorative ferret cost and what influences the formation of the price of the animal? The cost of a ferret from a private person varies from 5,000 to 9,000 rubles.
    Ferret care and features
    Caring for a ferret is not an easy but feasible task, it includes choosing a method of housing, bathing, cleaning the cage, feeding and raising.

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