Fruits and berries

How to care for raspberries in autumn - tips for gardeners
What is raspberry care in the fall? What are the important steps you need to follow to preserve the bush? Preparing the culture for winter correctly.
Autumn currant transplant - technique and features
How to transplant currants to a new place in the fall? The nuances of the procedure. preparation and further care, general rules and terms, the influence of the moon.
Autumn raspberry transplant rules - secrets of experienced gardeners
Step-by-step instructions for transplanting raspberries in the fall to a new place for novice gardeners. How to avoid mistakes and do everything right?
Description of new varieties of grapes 2019
Characteristics of new grape varieties with different ripening periods. New species for different regions. The most productive varieties. Selection errors.
Growing grapes Bohemia
Why is the Bohemia grape interesting to the gardener? What features of the variety should be taken into account in the process of caring for and growing a crop? Diseases and pests.
World vineyards and winemaking
Where are the vineyards set up? Which regions of viticulture are considered the most famous? Where are the big and small vineyards in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus?

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