How hard do rabbits bite?

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It's hard to believe that creatures as cute and gentle as rabbits can bite. Nevertheless, despite their external characteristics and angelic appearance, they can be quite moody, it depends on their character.

Do rabbits bite badly?

Do rabbits bite badly?

To find out what the pet's disposition is, it is enough to observe its behavior, how it behaves in different cases. There are situations when a rabbit bites for no apparent reason. Let's try to figure out how rabbits bite and why they do it.

Why is this happening

Many beginners, faced with this situation, do not understand why rabbits bite. First of all, the eared ears in this way show character, that does not mean aggression.

Do indoor decorative rabbits bite? When expressing dissatisfaction, they squeak, twitch sharply or slightly bite. They do not understand that in this way they can injure or offend the owner. Often they bite their hand after feeding, begging for another treat.

Depending on how the rabbits bite, you can understand whether this was done on purpose or not.

If the animal has bitten a person and continues to attack, kick, push, try to bite again, perhaps he did not notice that he provoked him. As a result, the pet sensed danger and tries to protect itself from it.

If it's a light and one-off bite, the fuzzy just begs for extra treats. The bite may be light, but bloody. The animal cannot calculate the strength correctly.

The most common reasons

It often happens that the eared eared has bitten a person, because the smell of the food that he is eating or eating remains on his hand: carrots, apples, parsley, honey or chocolate. Rabbits are big sweet tooth, but their nutrition must be watched very carefully, as they are prone to obesity. As a result, incidents occur from time to time.

Rabbits are very curious animals, they often "try" new objects with the help of a bite, thus showing interest or trying to get rid of boredom.

When cleaning an animal's cage, it is important to remember that this is a kind of invasion of its territory, with the help of a bite the eared eared can defend itself. He doesn't understand what's going on. It is best to get your pet out at the time of cleaning.

Why does the rabbit bite

Why does the rabbit bite

After the order is put in the pet's dwelling, you need to return everything to its place so that the drinker hangs in the right place, the feeder stood where it was. The familiar environment will make it clear to the pet that there is nothing wrong with such a procedure and everything will always return to its place.

Another option why a rabbit bites is the fact that the pet lacks calcium and vitamins. Since the animals are very sensitive to their teeth, they constantly begin to gnaw everything, trying to find calcium. To avoid such situations, it is advisable for animals to gnaw the branches of fruit trees (once a week). Another option is to buy special chalk with various vitamin supplements.

Factors Affecting Animal Behavior

There are several factors that influence rabbit behavior:

  • Excessive sexual tension: If the pet starts to run around, jump high and bite on the legs, it means that he is overexcited.
  • To attract attention. If, in the opinion of the pet, the owner devotes insufficient time to him, he can bite to remind him of himself. He doesn't understand that it can hurt. The way out of the situation is to stroke the pussies more often, carry them in your arms, and walk with them.
  • Protecting your own. The cage is not the only thing a rabbit can consider to be property. Aggression also manifests itself if someone else takes him in his arms or takes a place that he loves.

Is a rabbit bite really dangerous? All veterinarians say no. It cannot cause death. It will be enough just to disinfect the bite site and seal it with adhesive tape. If the wound is deep, it is advisable to see a doctor.

The only danger is that domestic rabbits can carry rabies, but this is very rare. For this it is necessary that the eared one is in contact with the carrier of the disease.

The rabbit and her baby should not be touched. Like any mother, the female will protect her child. She can growl and bite.

How to deal with the situation

Few know how to wean a rabbit from biting. The general rules are as follows: increased attention to the pet, constant care, affection and a desire to make the pet's life ideal.

  • You cannot stress the animal. Stress always turns into fear and can trigger aggression. The main thing is never to take the animal out of the cage or place of residence without his “consent” to that. No need to chase the eared eared, catch it and forcibly hold it in your arms. Better to wait until he wants to get out himself. Rabbits are very inquisitive by nature, so they won't keep you waiting for a long time.
  • If you want to approach the cage, you need to start talking to the animal, it is advisable to speak softly and quietly, do not rise above the cage. Better to sit down so that you are on the same level with her. It is best to address the animal by the name that was given to him, it will quickly get used to this word and to the voice, and will cease to be afraid.
  • It is strictly forbidden to hit, kick or abruptly stroke the animal, this all only increases its fear.
  • When sexual aggression is manifested, you need to think about a medical solution to the problem: castration or sterilization.
  • You should allow the animal to be trusted, for this you need to pick it up, give it a treat and stroke it. Exceptionally positive emotions will help build trust.
  • A newly purchased pet should be placed in a new cage and left untouched for several days. He must get used to the new environment, sounds, smells, calm down and adapt. The pet may not eat for several days, this is not normal, but you cannot force it to eat by force either. During this period, you can give him something tasty. After a few days, you can try to make contact. Hands must be held above the pet's head and gently stroke it, in no case touching the nose. For rabbits, the nose is a pain point.
  • You can often find "advice" on the Internet that if a rabbit is bitten, you need to press his head to the floor so that he understands who is in charge. This cannot be done. This will cause resistance and fear that he might be killed.
  • If the pet rebelled, it starts to rush around the cage, overturn food, it's okay. You just need to wait for him to calm down and try again to stroke and give a treat.

The main thing is to always behave calmly, not try to do something against the pet's will and pay enough attention to it, then there will be no problems with the fact that the rabbit has bitten on the finger.

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